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SUR&R Oil Filter Cup

by Moses Ludel

Put an End to Oil Change Messes!

End the messy oil drips and puddles when changing an oil filter. The SUR&R Oil Filter Cup catches dirty oil and makes oil changes easier. Owners of Jeep® XJ Cherokee 4.0L models and others with horizontal oil filters can rejoice!

Any oil filter change can be messy. Drips on your garage or shop floor are difficult to clean. Many chassis have wiring, tubing, hoses, frame or suspension components right below the oil filter. Clean-up after an oil change takes time away from other chores. Following that work, there may still be oil drips on the floor.

The SUR&R Oil Filter Cup is an ingenious yet uncomplicated solution to that mess. Our Jeep® XJ Cherokee 4.0L inline six makes an ideal demonstration. The 4.0L Cherokee filter mounts horizontally with a loop of wiring convolution tube right below the filter. Oil changes have always been awkward for XJ Cherokee owners. The Oil Filter Cup ends that problem! Jeep® owners and anyone who changes engine oil will appreciate this device.

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