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BendPak Octa-Flex® Hoist Concept Revealed

by Moses Ludel

The Octa-Flex® hoist is poised for launch in the Fall of 2024. This breakthrough design will revolutionize shop workflow and dramatically reduce technician challenges. The concept provides a highly versatile, original means for performing light truck repairs that require cab removal. This will quicken the work pace and reduce personnel requirements for Ford, GM and Ram truck engine service…Safer EV battery, transmission, transfer case, sub-frame/powertrain removal or heavy wheel service will also be possible.

—Moses Ludel

This has become a familiar scene for Ford and GM light truck work. Accessing a turbocharger or cylinder head removal on a Duramax or Powerstroke V8 is easier with the cab and front clip removed. The Octa-Flex® lift will revolutionize this work…“BendPak’s new Octa-Flex lift concept offers all the functionality of a traditional two-post lift, while enabling technicians to do things they could only dream of in the past, like tackle cab-off repairs without the help of additional component-handling equipment or a second tech.”  
EV battery removal can be a one-person task. Safer, more reliable and time saving, the Octa-Flex® double-hoist will become popular. This hoist will replace several pieces of equipment…“BendPak’s new Octa-Flex lift concept is the world’s first two-post lift with eight fully adjustable, telescoping lift arms. This patent-pending design features two sets of arms: triple-telescoping swing arms plus all-new integrated lift-assist arms. The Octa-Flex prototype makes its global premiere in booth 4569W at NADA Expo in Las Vegas, Feb. 2-4, 2024.
This is the most versatile hoist in history. BendPak has broken ground with this all-new technology! “The powered lift assist arms integrated exclusively on BendPak’s new Octa-Flex two-post lift concept can help safely and ergonomically lift and maneuver heavy vehicle components like EV battery packs, drivetrains, tires, and wheel assemblies with precision, ensuring seamless workflow while reducing the risk of workplace injuries. When they’re not needed, the powered lift-assist arms can be moved up out of the way, so the lift can be used as a standard two-post model.
Octa-Flex® will take up less shop space and provide a safer, cleaner way for one technician to perform major work on light trucks, SUVs and passenger cars like this EV.
This press release shares the all-new Octa-Flex® hoist with the automotive industry…
While the Octa-Flex’s one-of-a-kind assist arms are the showstoppers, its primary lifting arms are stars in their own right. These three-stage arms extend and retract further than any other thanks to a patent-pending design that enables the inner arm tubes to retract fully through the back of the arm assembly and even beyond the arm pin itself, providing unfettered access to a wide range of vehicle lifting points. Plus, their lower profile and dropped-end pad receiver lets them access hard-to-reach lifting points with less chance of damage to vehicle side skirts, running boards or ground effects, even on low-slung sportscars or EVs.  

The Octa-Flex concept also features BendPak’s patent-pending Automatic Swing Arm Restraint System (ASARS) to keep the primary lift arms in place. ASARS provides twice as much holding grip as traditional systems. Its 360 degrees of forged steel teeth secure the arms in place to withstand more than 2,000 pounds of side force that can be generated during vehicle service. This adaptive system requires minimal operator involvement to set and release, while providing maximum peace of mind.  

The Octa-Flex concept is a clear-floor design delivering unobstructed floor space for moving toolboxes, transmission jacks and other equipment under elevated vehicles. It is built to deliver long service life with single-piece columns for strength, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene load bearings that never need lubrication, super-tall lift carriages to minimize stress on components, and industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders.   Designed for versatility, Octa-Flex Series lifts feature BendPak’s Bi-Metric reversible swing arms that enable the lift operator to set the lift in either symmetric or asymmetric configurations.  

BendPak is committed to further enhancing the Octa-Flex concept in the coming months. Anticipated for fall 2024, the global launch will encompass models with rated capacities of both 10,000 and 12,000 pounds.   Learn more and check out the EV12DPS Octa-Flex prototype at NADA Expo booth 4569W at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Feb. 2-4, 2024, visit bendpak.com/octa-flex-preview, or call (805) 933-9970.  

About BendPak   Established in 1965, BendPak Inc. is an American-owned global manufacturer of vehicle service equipment and specialty consumer products sold under the trademarked brands BendPak®, Ranger®, Autostacker®, QuickJack®, Cool Boss®, GrandPrix®, JackPak®,MaxJax®,and Ergochair. Its collective range of products includes car lifts, parking lifts, EV battery lifts, pipe benders, air compressors, tire changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners, brake lathes, evaporative air coolers, rolling work seats, and other equipment.    

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