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Gaither-Winntec Floor Jacks and Fast Lock Jack Block System

by Moses Ludel
Gaither’s Winntec 3-ton metric (3.3-ton U.S.) rated floor jacks with the 3.5-ton rated Gaither/Winntec Fast Lock Jack Block safety blocks can often replace a jack stand. This opens up space beneath the vehicle when working from the floor or performing wheel service. The added safety is obvious. Combining hydraulic jack support with the adjustable jack block keeps the jack from collapsing or bleeding down. (Watch the video and find more details below.)

Many automotive shops and DIY garages have limited space for floor jacks and jack stands. Working from a creeper with jack stands under a vehicle can be a nuisance. Gaither’s solution is Winntec floor jacks and the Fast Lock Jack Block system plus the recommended use of wheel chocks.

Our shop does tire and wheel service from the floor level. For tire rotations on a flat floor, this Gaither system enables lifting all four wheels with the Winntec jacks, much like the tire stores do! We now use a Gaither Fast Lock Jack Block to secure each floor jack. The added safety of the jack’s hydraulic system plus the Fast Lock Jack Block make our work safer while saving considerable time and floor space. This system is also optimal for our in-house wheel alignment work, too.

Stay tuned for details on how we set up the Winntec jacks and adjustable safety blocks for safe, accurate wheel service work without a hoist. The Fast Lock Jack Block will work with Gaither-Winntec floor jacks and other jacks with similar front axle and pivot arm designs. For more details on Gaither’s tire and wheel service equipment visit:


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