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The TIA Global Tire Expo at the 2023 SEMA Show Las Vegas

by Moses Ludel

A growing feature at the SEMA Show is the Tire Industry Association (TIA) Global Tire Expo. Occupying the lower floor of the South Hall and front grounds, the Global Tire Expo includes tire manufacturers, service equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket wheel manufacturers.

Ben Anderson provided a wealth of insight into tire technology and design strategies at the Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels booth. Learn how race-tested M/T off-road tires lead to better products. Ben introduces the all-new Baja Boss XS D.O.T. approved tire.

At the 2023 SEMA Show, this was a bustling segment. Interviews and walk-throughs at the Cooper Tires and Mickey Thompson booths brought us up to speed on tires. We caught Goodyear’s new Boulder MT line. The details and interviews are in this video coverage!

4WD Mechanix Magazine and the channel focused on both the latest 4×4 light truck and SUV tire offerings and the service side of the industry. We attended the TMS sponsored “Total Truck Tire Repair” workshop and visited the Gaither Tool Company and Tech booths. Throughout the expo, we paid close attention to tire safety issues, including best mounting, balancing, repair and airing practices. We reviewed the latest equipment for safe and permanent tire repairs.

Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels earned a SEMA Best New Product Award. This ‘Runner Up’ ribbon is a high honor within the stiff tire market competition.

Tires are perishable and expensive. Properly and safely fixing a tire puncture or minor break can save considerable expense. Vehicle safety is always primary. Throughout 2024, we will be covering topics like tire choices, tire service procedures, wheel alignment and how-to keep tires safe for the longest possible service life.

The Kelsey Tire/’Goodyear Collector Series Tires’ booth has been an annual attraction at the SEMA/TIA Global Tire Expo. Kelsey Tire Inc. has kept the Goodyear tire brand legacy alive. (A parade of Kelsey Tire vintage, muscle car era and NASCAR tires is featured in the video.) The recent passing of John Lester Kelsey, the founder and owner of Kelsey Tire, overshadowed the event. John Kelsey was inducted into the Tire Industry Hall of Fame in 2009. Keith Buckley hosted the replica tire collection at this year’s SEMA/TIA Global Tire Expo.

The 2023 SEMA Show was productive for everyone. For 4×4 light truck and SUV users, tires are topical. I spent considerable time at the Global Tire Expo, covering breakthrough tires and service equipment. Interviews at the Cooper Tires, Mickey Thompson Tires and Gaither Tool booths round out this video coverage…Thanks to Jenny Paige at Cooper Tires, Ben Anderson and Heather Tausch at M/T Tires, Keith Buckley at the Goodyear/Kelsey Tire booth, Jeff Alexander and William Brahler at Gaither Tool Company, and Bill Johnson and Tim BeVier at Tech Wheel and Tire.

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