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How-to: Diagnose an Engine Noise or Knock

by Moses Ludel

Engine noise can range from minor ticking and clatter to ominous metallic sounds. In this how-to HD video, we begin with troubleshooting and diagnosing a Jeep 4.0L inline six engine noise. The steps apply to any engine and noise source.

Some knocks and clatter require major engine work, but sometimes the engine is simply in need of tuning or a thorough internal clean-up. Pinpointing a noise or knock helps determine the best course of action and can save many hours of wasted labor and parts expenses.

We begin our noise search with a scan tool diagnosis, using an affordable scan tool that can monitor live data. The intermittent knocking sound at an engine idle hints that fuel trim or carbon build-up could be involved. From there, our search goes deeper to key areas of the engine and fuel injection system. Follow the strategies and steps needed to accurately assess a knock of this kind.

See the Follow-Up HD Video How-to!

Following this knocking noise diagnosis, we performed a full top engine and injector cleanup. All steps are covered within the how-to video/article at:

In this follow-up HD video how-to coverage, we take engine tuning and top end cleaning to the next level with S.U.R.&R. diagnostic and service tools plus the use of Sea Foam® products. See the 32-minute video for details, steps and the results.

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