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How-to: Transmission Gear and Iron Case Restoration

by Moses Ludel
Slideshow and live presentation by Moses Ludel at the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion. Topic is the restoration of a damaged Borg-Warner T89N counter gear (cluster) and the repair of a damaged T86 tailhousing casting. T89 gear is obsolete and must be restored.

Live Narrated Slideshow:  ‘How-to’ Transmission Gear and Iron Transmission Case Restoration…

At the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion, Moses Ludel was the guest banquet speaker. To best serve this niche vintage Jeep enthusiast group, he discussed a variety of mechanical restoration processes.  NOS parts availability has decreased dramatically. An increasingly important practice is the restoration of gears and casting components.  In this video slide presentation, Moses shares the repair and restoration of an obsolete transmission gear and a broken transmission flange. These steel and cast iron fixes were done with TIG/GTAW D.C. process.

The damaged and obsolete cluster gear is from a rare, mid-sixties Ford truck T89N overdrive transmission. The transmission case repair is vintage T86, which could be Jeep but is actually from a Hudson automobile. If you have a damaged transmission flange or a gear that needs restoration, review these steps. The video slides with captions have additional, live narration from my presentation.

These repairs of vintage, obsolete parts are possible with the use of the right filler materials. For filler materials, Weld Mold Company is our source!

Damaged obsolete B-W cluster gear
Damaged counter gear from a sixties Ford T89N overdrive transmission has been glass bead blasted and “normalized” at a heat treating shop. I will build up tooth areas with severe chips and pitting damage. Process is TIG. Base metal for gears like this is typically 8620 that has been case hardened. Normalizing at a heat treating facility removes hardened case and enables welding the damaged teeth with compatible filler rod and GTAW process.

Restored cluster gear
Repaired teeth were shaped to match the original tooth shapes and pattern. Once shaped and formed properly, the counter gear went back to the heat treating shop for case hardening. Gear is now restored to OEM function as shown here.

HTP America Welding
Our shop now uses an HTP221 AC/DC TIG and stick welder.


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