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Gaither Tool Company Moore-Safe 20-Ton Jack

by Moses Ludel
We use two Moore-Safe 20-ton rated jacks at our shop. When lifting the front end of the Ram 3500 4×4 with a weighty Cummins engine, Warn winch bumper and 16,000 pound rated winch, the Moore-Safe jack pair can be operated with air or hydraulically. Here, these jacks make simple, safe work while lifting the XJ Cherokee 4×4.

“World’s Safest Jack”

Gaither Tool Company’s new 20-ton air-over-hydraulic Moore-Safe Jack delivers superior performance, safety and utility. Screw-in “bolt” head design provides stability and improved center of gravity.

The 43 pound package consists of a single jack with air motor, air line whip with manual valve, two threaded “bolt” heads, a jack handle and a bracket to mount the extra bolt head.

We do a lot of axle lifting for tire changes and rotations, brake service and axle related work. A safe jack is always important. Our stout floor jacks range from 1.5-ton to 4-ton ratings apiece. In most cases, quality floor jacks do a great job.

Our Ram 3500 has a curb weight of 8,700 pounds with its full complement of accessories, a winch and hefty bumper, auxiliary fuel tank, a cap and oversized tires. This 4-ton rated floor jack is ample for lifting the truck. However, we will not crawl under the vehicle without the use of these hefty 12-ton rated jack stands to support the axle. Any routine service work or repairs on the transmission, transfer case or axle differentials requires use of safety jack stands.

Floor jacks clutter space. An advantage with the Moore-Safe Jack is its stable lifting capacity without taking up excessive floor space. The Moore-Safe Jack is also portable and more compact than a bulky floor jack. This jack proves optimal for work like tire and wheel service in a production shop or alongside the road. For working beneath vehicles, we use quality weight rated ramps or jack stands.

OTC 5268 20-ton rated drive-on vehicle ramps work well for under-carriage service work. When performing service work beneath a vehicle, chock the rear tires and set the transmission in Park or low gear with the emergency brake on. The Gaither Tool Moore-Safe Jack can lift a wheel from the floor for wheel and tire service or outer axle brake work. A Moore-Safe Jack can also raise the vehicle for placing secure jack stands at the frame rails. Never work beneath a vehicle supported solely on floor jacks or a bottle type jack! We use four-leg jack stands.

The work space around the Moore-Safe Jack is open and uncluttered. This provides a much safer work environment. 20-ton lifting capacity is over five times the weight of the entire Jeep® XJ Cherokee 4×4 ‘s over the road weight of approximately 3,800 pounds. This vehicle’s weight includes a 9.5i Warn winch, heavy ARB front winch bumper, a Warn tire carrier rear bumper, a 6-inch long arm chassis lift, off-road accessories and oversized tires.

Two bolt heads come with the jack. This yoke style head provides a patented improvement and cradles the axle tube. The outer flanges can capture a solid beam axle on a Class 4 to Class 8 truck or tractor. We found the radius ideal for popular 4×4 axle tubes. This keeps the axle stable and helps prevent the jack from shifting.
The cup head bolt allows an adjustable height like the yoke bolt. A recess in the head can center around an axle U-bolt nut. The flat end supports the spring U-bolt plate. This jack is designed for wheel and tire service on big trucks. The margin of safety for light 4×4 trucks, Jeep®-type vehicles and SUVs is exceptional.
Here the radius yoke supports a Dana live front beam axle tube. The jack’s powerful air-over-hydraulic performance makes it easy to raise a vehicle. The screw bolt allows adjusting the gap before raising the jack. Rated 11″-19″ lift range, the jack provides plenty of lift for safe and speedy wheel, brake and axle service.

The Moore-Safe Jack can be operated with compressed air or as a hand pump jack. This increases the jack’s versatility, which includes portable use for remote roadside or back country work. The bolt heads can lift a flat beam axle, a tubular axle or an axle spring plate. In addition to motor vehicles, the jack will work well for common transport trailers or RV travel trailer tube axles. The bolt heads provide a sturdy, stable platform for quick, safe tire and wheel service.

The air whip and regulator/valve assembly is sturdy. Hose ends have spring steel wrap protection. The valve receives a common 1/4-MNPT male air plug fitting. The Moore-Safe Jack comes with an air plug fitting that can be easily changed to match your shop’s fittings. Our shop runs 3/8″ x 1/4-MNPT plugs. The change-out was simple.

Used within its capacity, the Moore-Safe Jack is a valuable service tool. Truckers and small shops like ours perform service work at the floor or ground level. This sturdy, well constructed jack quickly brings a vehicle to working height for changing and rotating big tires. “The World’s Safest Jack” is our portable jack pick!

Footnote: History of the Moore-Safe Jack

Gaither® Tool Company partnered with Jason Moore, the inventor of the Moore-Safe Jack, to bring this product to market. Gaither® saw the merits and advanced design of Jason Moore’s concept. Here is how the Moore-Safe Jack came to life:

“The idea came to me when I was working on a super single trailer axle in the middle of winter on the side of the Freeway on I-80. It had been snowing that day, so it was cold, and I was dealing with snow and ice. The axle was extremely low to the ground, so I had to place a short jack under it to get it off the ground then place another jack to finish getting it to a proper working height where I could put a jack stand under the axle. After I placed the first jack under the axle and lifted it off the ground, I reached over to get the other jack, and then the first jack slipped grazing my cheek just below my left eye!
Later that night, I sat down and did some research online, looking for a product that would help cradle the axle and stop a jack from ever slipping off the lifting surface. I couldn’t find anything that would solve the problem. Over the next few months, I made a few prototypes with different types of attachment designs and tried them on different types of lifting surfaces. After lots of testing and teaming up with Gaither, we finally came up with the Moore-Safe Jack, the safest bottle jack the world has ever seen.”
–Jason Moore Moore-Safe Inventor, Owner Moore’s Tire & Service


Jason Moore’s account is close to home—literally. 4WD Mechanix Magazine’s shop/office is just a mile from I-80 at the west end of the Great Basin near the Sierra Range. Moore’s Tire & Service is at Coalville, Utah, the east end of the Great Basin near the Wasatch Range. We each can relate to I-80 winter travel at the Far West…Thanks, Jason and Gaither® Tool Company, for bringing this jack concept to life!

Here, our Ram 3500 tire rotation gets a lift from the Gaither Tire Dolly. For 37″ diameter tire/wheel assemblies that weight 102 pounds apiece, this dolly eliminates heavy loads on your back. Tire service equipment is a Gaither® Tool Company niche. We purchased this Gaither Winntec tire dolly at Unique Truck Equipment online.

Warning: Despite the lift capacity and wide safety margin of the Gaither® Moore-Safe Jack, always place quality, properly rated jack stands at the frame rails before crawling under a chassis or when using a rolling creeper. The Moore-Safe Jack is a portable jack designed for light truck, medium-duty truck and heavy-duty truck/tractor tire and wheel service…Crawling under any vehicle for service repair work requires correct placement of secure and properly rated safety jack stands!

For more information on Gaither Tool Company products, including the Wheel Dolly and “Bead Bazooka®” tire bead seating tool, visit the official website at:


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