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Gaither Off-Road Kit for Remote Trails, Campouts and Emergencies

by Moses Ludel
The Gaither Off-Road Kit is a well-conceived package and companion for any backcountry trip or campout. The core of the kit is built around Jack the Mech, Gaither’s versatile power bank, jumper and air compressor with emergency lighting. A BubbaRope offers serious recovery capability.

Gaither has now packaged Jack the Mech with a variety of high quality off-road emergency, utility and recovery tools in the Gaither Off-Road Kit. The package contains the recovery and safety accessories we want onboard a 4×4, powersports vehicle or our dual-sport/ADV motorcycle. Jack the Mech will get the job done, and the backpack is rugged and brimming with versatile tools and accessories!

Jack the Mech is a portable, commercial grade jumper, power bank and air compressor proven in the truck tire service industry. This is a versatile 2000A start booster, automatic start/stop compressor, high capacity power bank and multi-functional LED emergency light. Jack is a hard worker and friend in rough country!
Jack the Mech provides this bright digital voltage display. There is a telltale sign of trouble on this 12-volt Jeep battery. This is the static voltage without the engine running. 12.4 volts is too low. The battery should rest at 12.6-12.9 volts. This battery is likely on its way out and should be replaced soon! Jack is ready to start an engine in this mode.
No detail is left out in this package. The air compressor and tire repair tools will handle tire emergencies. Here are the niche accessories for the air compressor. In addition to airing tires, you can air up mattresses, toys and camping gear with this air system.

Our shop relies on Gaither commercial grade tire service equipment. For the service industry, Jack the Mech has become a popular portable jumper, power bank and air compressor that includes a bright emergency light. 2000A of available lithium power provides 12-volt jumps to 1000A for gasoline or diesel engines to 6.0L. The Gaither Off-Road Kit adds to this an array of smart accessories for emergencies and vehicle recovery, including a high quality BubbaRope, tubeless tire repair kit, Swiss Force multi-purpose tool and heavy duty Gaither gloves. The backpack is rugged and highly versatile with its built-in USB port.

This is all premium equipment. BubbaRope is U.S.-made and a very stout recovery rope. Breaking strength of 19,000 pounds, the rope is ideal for tugged out vehicles to 4,000 pounds with a safety margin to spare. This includes Jeep CJs, YJ/TJ Wranglers and XJ Cherokee 4x4s. Our highly accessorized XJ Cherokee 4×4 weighs 3,800 pounds loaded. The recovery rope is ideal for recovering traditional light 4×4 trail vehicles. BubbaRope comes with a safety booklet.

If you travel to remote areas or with groups to off-road backcountry, Jack the Mech and the Gaither Off-Road Kit is the kind of safety and recovery backup that you need. See what’s in the kit and how this versatile package can provide a portable base for USB equipment, vehicle recovery assistance, utility work and off-road safety. The backpack and individual items are each designed to handle the rigors of backcountry travel, dusty roads and remote campouts.

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