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2019 SEMA and AAPEX Shows

by Moses Ludel

Best New 4×4 and Light Truck Utility Products, Tools and Equipment…

2019 SEMA and AAPEX Shows in full swing. See our visit with Cummins and Advance Adapters plus many others!

The first week in November, 4WD Mechanix Magazine covered the SEMA and AAPEX Shows. Beyond the glitz and glitter, our focus is always light truck and 4×4 utility products, new tools and useful equipment. Top picks aim at improving vehicle function and innovative tools for maintaining our vehicles.

The new Overland Experience is a response to the enormous 4×4 off-road vehicle market. In support of its members, SEMA follows and promotes prime trends and consumer interests.

While many of the 162,000 SEMA Show attendees chased after high performance equipment, custom accessories and concept vehicles, the trend toward enhanced utility has also grown. 4WD Mechanix Magazine coverage at these shows focuses on practical new developments that enhance a light truck’s utility plus tools that enable us to perform safer and better work.

There were thousands of display vehicles at the SEMA Show. This classic I-H Scout II at the Overland Experience caught our eye. The 4×4 has been meticulously restored and now boasts a Cummins R2.8L turbo diesel crate motor conversion.
This was one of the cleanest R2.8L Cummins turbo diesel conversions at the show. The fit, attention to detail and overall utility of the swap is evident. Diesel power is a growing consumer interest.

At the Overland Experience, vehicles ranged from more moderate utility 4x4s to $200,000 monster campers. Workshops pitched the virtues of camping and an outdoor lifestyle. Exotic equipment was a centerpiece. For many of us, camping memories center around pup tents and bedrolls, sleeping in a pickup bed or on a granite slab. Contrary to the message at the Overland Experience, camping does not require deep pockets spending. National Forest campgrounds and fly fishing for salmon, trout and steelhead is still accessible at minimal expense.

At the AAPEX Show, OTC Tools brought out the 5295 platform lift with 825 pounds capacity. The lift features fixture holes. You can fabricate brackets to meet your project needs. If your shop does 4×4 powertrain work, this could be the scissors lift you need! The platform can easily support an iron transmission and transfer case as a unit. You can quickly move an entire powertrain across the shop. The lift will raise to 70″ for versatile use beneath a raised vehicle or can be adjusted to work bench height. Here is more information: https://www.otctools.com/products/powertrain-lift.

Niche specialty tools caught our attention. At the SEMA Show, Schley/SP Products premiered its Cummins fuel injector removal tool. Elaborate factory tools require removal of the center cover just to remove an injector. This innovative tool levers off the center cover bolt heads and readily removes an injector with far less work and effort.

Permatex introduced the new Orange Threadlocker at the AAPEX Show. This will be a popular DIY consumer and automotive shop item!

AAPEX Show is about the automotive service industry at a global level. While SEMA Show often focuses on consumer “wants”, AAPEX displays useful service products and the latest technology from global OEM and aftermarket parts suppliers. At the 2019 AAPEX Show, Permatex introduced its new “Orange Threadlocker”. Three times stronger than Blue, as strong as the Red rating, this thread locking agent does not require heat to remove treated fasteners. Resistance through the entire fastener removal range provides an added measure of safety for a part that wears or loosens due to fit-up issues.

The AAPEX Show focus is useful products, tools and equipment. Like SEMA, AAPEX has a New Product Showcase.
Our top pick for trailering is the new ‘Weigh Safe!’ load distribution hitch. A scale is built into the receiver and load leveling assembly. Safety and easier hookup are the aims.
Schley has designed the most advanced crow foot sockets to date. Flare nut wrenches and sockets are prone to spreading and rounding nut corners. These sockets have a reinforced shoulder to help prevent tool spreading while also providing a firm stop against the flare nut.
3M is well known at professional body shops. Innovative and practical, the new ACCUSPRAY paint system provides a gun with replaceable nozzles. Sized nozzles meet a variety of needs with the same gun. Replacement tips allow new performance with each head change out.
This Getrag 360-era replacement clutch release arm is available from Advance Adapters. The arm is also part of AA’s NV4500 conversion for these First Generation Cummins Ram trucks. See the additional video coverage of the new JL/JT Wrangler and Gladiator Atlas transfer case. AA introduced the Atlas ‘bolt-in’ package at the 2019 SEMA Show.

See Advance Adapters and other HD videos for product details. Our 2019 SEMA/AAPEX product and tool picks can be found in the video at this post.

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