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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – How-to: Installing Bestop Trek Step Side Boards

by Moses Ludel
Video How-to: Bestop® Trek Step™ Side Boards for the Dodge Ram 3500!

This HD video coverage of the new Bestop Trek Step side boards includes both how-to and cosmetic features of these boards. See the fit on our Dodge Ram 3500—and consider Trek Step boards for your truck!

(Open to full screen and 1080P for maximum viewing enjoyment!)

The new Bestop Trek Step Side Boards on the Dodge Ram 3500!

 The Bestop Trek Step™ Side Boards were a popular item at last fall’s SEMA Show. Our satisfaction with the Dodge Ram’s rear Bestop Trek Step™ installation made these new Trek Step™ side boards that much more attractive. If getting over the sides of your lifted truck’s pickup bed is more challenge than you want, we highly recommend the Trek Step Side Boards!

Rugged, durable components make up the Bestop Trek Step side board kit.

   Each Trek Step kit is complete and well engineered. Even though brackets and components fit a wide range of model years, the differences between models, bed lengths and frame layouts have each been considered. Included hardware and brackets suit the variety of applications. Read instructions carefully and weigh the objective: a safe, rugged, well aligned installation.

Weight capacity is easily met with these tough brackets!

  In place and carefully positioned, the brackets align with the frame and bed. Orientation of parts suited our particular installation; each install requires careful thought. We determined the objectives for a safe and rugged installation, then proceeded with the pieces supplied.

Install with care and a focus on alignment

  An important consideration was fit and alignment. Here, we spent extra time to make sure each side of the truck matched. The boards are parallel to the body sill and drop on a horizontal plane. We were very pleased with the end fit and the way these boards tuck upward toward the bed.

Great complement for the rear Trek Step!

The rear step has performed flawlessly, and now the truck features three Trek Step boards: one on each side at the front of the bed and the rear unit installed earlier. (See “How-to: Installing the Bestop Trekstep” in HD video.) While some might think this a bit much, it’s actually just right—and even better with the power running boards that we fitted when the truck was brand new! Over the years, our Dodge Ram has been more than a show display, we use it all the time for magazine towing and hauling chores.

Bestop Trekstep and other quality products—visit the Bestop website!

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