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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video: Jeep 4.6L Inline Six Stroker Short-Block Options

by Moses Ludel

Jeep 4.6L Stroker Motor Short-Block: Pistons, Rods & Block Configurations


This series includes six HD video interviews with Tony Hewes…In addition to the video on this page, you will find the other five HD videos at the ‘4WD Tech How-to Channel’ playlist!


Moses Ludel interviews Tony Hewes in this detailed HD video series. This segment covers the Jeep inline six 4.6L stroker motor short-block configuration options.

Basis for stroker inline six is the use of a 4.2L/258 crankshaft.


     When building the popular Jeep stroker six with a 4.0L block and 4.2L crankshaft, there are options. In this HD video, Moses Ludel interviews Tony Hewes of Hewes Performance Machine. Tony discusses two distinctly different approaches, one using 4.2L connecting rods, the other using the 4.0L rods. Tony describes the available piston choices and block machining approaches for each method.


Block is a 4.0L six with a clean-up re-bore of 0.030


     Today, there is a high likelihood that Jeep multi-purpose trail and highway users will rebuild a 4.0L into a stroker six. The gains of a high-torque, fuel efficient 4.6L stroker inline six build-up are proven. If you have a Jeep CJ, YJ or TJ Wrangler, XJ Cherokee or a ZJ/WJ Grand Cherokee with a tired inline six, consider the stroker motor rebuild. Beyond the cost of a 4.2L style crankshaft, the rebuilding cost is virtually the same as a high quality rebuild of the stock 4.0L engine.


Crankshaft for 4.2L comes as short or long snout for use of V-belt or serpentine belt pulley.


     In this HD video, Tony and Moses discuss the key elements of building a stroker motor (4.5L to 4.7L, determined by the machined bore sizing) from a 4.0L Jeep inline six-cylinder engine. Learn the critical choices and how a precision shop like Hewes Performance Machine builds this engine.


     If your Jeep requires this level of performance and reliability, consider the machine work and craftsmanship available at Hewes Performance Machine at Reno, Nevada.

Want quality automotive machine work or a precision engine build-up? See the Hewes Performance Machine website at:   http://www.hewesperformancemachine.com/

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