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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD Workshop

by Moses Ludel

Jeep 4WD How-to: Grand Cherokee Workshop

ZJ Grand Cherokee at Moab EJS 2010

  The Grand Wagoneer had no rival when Chrysler’s ZJ Grand Cherokee emerged in 1992! A 5.2L V-8 option in 1993 sweetened the package as the ZJ became the Jeep 4WD luxury model.

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Grand WJ EJS 2010 1

     The Grand Cherokee reached its full potential with the 1999 introduction of the WJ. For off-road use, this is the best iteration of the Grand Cherokee to date. With beam axles and a strong powertrain, including the higher-tech 4.7L V-8 option, the ’99-’04 WJ is a true contender!

Grand WJ EJS 2010 2

     As the WJ lowers in resale value, expect an upsurge of interest in this SUV. It has all the luxury appointments found in any of the Grand Cherokees plus reasonable fuel efficiency with the 4.0L I-6 or potent 4.7L V-8 (shown). The beam axles give this vehicle true off-road potential—once you add a lift kit, big tires, gearing and armor!

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