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Curing an Engine Knock with SUR&R Tools and Sea Foam®

by Moses Ludel

Engine Noise May Not Be Catastrophic!

Quality S.U.R.&R. tuning and diagnostic tools save time and costly engine repairs. By cleaning the top engine with the FIC903 Intake Cleaner system, we tackled 176K miles of carbon and debris buildup in the intake ports, the valves, the piston crowns and the combustion chambers. Suitable for carbureted and EFI gasoline engines, the FIC903 and Sea Foam® Motor Treatment excelled at this task. The how-to video describes and details the use of these S.U.R.&R. tools.

Sometimes an engine knock means bad lower end bearings or piston trouble. Often, however, simpler tune related noises can mimic a serious engine knock. Before tearing our Jeep 4.0L engine apart, we thoroughly cleaned the top end and injectors with S.U.R.&R.’s professional grade tools and Sea Foam® Motor Treatment.

While the internet is rife with concerns about 4.0L Jeep engine piston slap, our diagnostic work pointed to carbon buildup and injector issues that can mimic piston noise. Many engine tear downs for piston slap have been a waste of time and expense when the issue is simply service and tune related. For details on the preliminary in-depth diagnosis of the engine noise, go to:

This 4.0L Jeep inline six was a prime candidate for upper engine cleaning with Sea Foam® Motor Treatment and precision S.U.R.&R. tools. Any shop or serious DIY tuner or troubleshooter can benefit from the service steps outlined. The time saved and pinpoint diagnostics separate “parts changers” from real techs. S.U.R.&R. tools offer exceptional value, quickly paying for themselves!

In the procedures outlined, one point should become obvious: Servicing a modern emission engine should always include a top engine and injector cleaning. This is especially true if the engine has run on low-octane, cheaper fuels. Sea Foam® Motor Treatment proved a key part of this process. In these how-to videos, see each step involved and the impressive results achieved. After just over an hour of actual shop time, our engine ran reliably and noise free without the need for major work.

Sea Foam® Motor Treatment is a time honored tuning aid for professionals, fleet operators and savvy DIY consumers. We use this product for superior engine performance and restoration engine tuning work. Consider Sea Foam® Motor Treatment an ongoing part of routine engine service and maintenance…See details in the how-to video.

While there are cases where the engine really does have piston skirt or more serious internal mechanical problems, it still pays to rule our simpler issues like carbon buildup and injectors that need cleaning. Consider doing this before rebuilding or replacing the engine. To be clear, top engine and injector cleaning is not a solution for a mechanical problem like a pending piston skirt failure. However, in most instances it would be wise to attempt these tuning measures first. If the knock remains, there is more serious trouble.

Cleaning the fuel injectors with this professional grade S.U.R.&R. FIC203 canister cleaning system will be an ongoing and routine part of our EFI engine tuning. Modern fuels and lack of quality additives in fuel can lead to expensive injector problems. Tank fuel additives like Sea Foam® products can make a significant difference. Running a 50/50 mix of Sea Foam® Motor Treatment and gasoline directly through the injectors with the FIC203 cleaner kit provides a significant gain. See the how-to video details.

Regular use of Sea Foam® products will keep carbon buildup and injector clogging at bay. For tools, S.U.R.&R. is our shop’s choice for affordable, high quality tuning and troubleshooting/diagnostic equipment. Any serious DIY or professional engine tuner should consider using these products routinely. For more details, see these official websites:



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