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Professionalize Your Shop With Permatex Products

by Moses Ludel

Permatex products have been a part of my automotive work for over half a century. Quality repairs, fleet maintenance and high performance upgrades require the right adhesive sealants, thread lockers, pipe and flange sealants and gasket makers. Meeting OEM or higher standards and producing the best results, Permatex delivers.

These Permatex products are always within reach at my shop. I have used Permatex products professionally for 52 years. My career has depended upon products like Permatex.

Indian Head Gasket Shellac is a classic product. As a kid, I used this shellac and “Form-A-Gasket®” sealants when working on my Cushman motor scooter and flathead Ford V-8s. When I moved to small-block Chevrolets, Super 300 and High Tack became staples. Permatex Threadlocker has become an industry icon.

Permatex Threadlocker is available at various levels of strength. 242 Blue is the traditional Medium Strength product for automotive fastener applications. Historically, 271 Red has been the choice for severe duty fasteners like flywheel or flex-plate bolts. Red was originally “Stud-and-Bearing Mount” that kept main bearings from spinning in engines like the air-cooled Volkswagen alloy split-case design. Today, Permatex offers special niche products like “Bearing Mount” and “High Temperature Sleeve Retainer”. See the Permatex website for a full listing of niche products.

Note: Red Threadlocker may require heat to loosen the fastener. I have traditionally used Medium Blue on aluminum threads. Red has been for high tensile fasteners that screw into steel threads subject to vibration. Automotive applications for Seal Lock include threaded freeze plugs, oil pressure sensors, threaded fuel injectors, coolant temperature sensors, A/C and hydraulic system connections, metal plumbing connections, and pipe plugs.

Look for the new Orange 252 Threadlocker, it’s three times stronger than traditional Blue yet does not require heat to loosen fasteners!

The evolution of Permatex products has included contemporary niche sealants and Gasket Maker products. Optimum Grey Gasket Maker has a 700-degree F ceiling for use on exhaust header flanges and other engine hot spots. Decades ago, I used Permatex Ultra Copper RTV on exhaust header flanges, perfect in every way except the orange color. Today, color matters, and each Permatex product has a target use.

This is the current “must use” Permatex shop product line. For professional grade repairs, The Right Stuff and Automatic Transmission Gasket Maker will be popular. Days of orange and blue edges around your service work are over. These niche products assure resistance to specific fluids and temperature. Be clear about the intended usage for each product.

Permatex is not only automotive products. Super Glue Gel and Windshield Glass Seal have many non-automotive uses. The Permatex epoxy products also work with a variety of materials, suitable for both automotive and non-automotive uses.

Permatex products fit prominently in my best-selling Jeep® Owner’s Bible™ and six other Bentley Publishers automotive books. When professional standards led to Mopar® Performance, Ford SVO and GM Motorsports part numbers and endorsements, best practices always included Permatex or Permatex/Loctite products. To be awarded an official OEM part number, each book met OEM engineering standards.

There are many imitators but only one Permatex. For professional grade work, Permatex products can be found at popular automotive retail parts outlets and industrial supplies. For more details on the full line of Permatex products, visit the website:


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