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 Chrysler RH/RE transmission upgrades for Jeep and Dodge Ram Truck!

Hewes Performance Machine shares the machining chores and parts recommended for the popular 4.6L Jeep inline stroker six-cylinder engine build. Articles like the Jeep® and Dodge Ram Truck RE/RH transmission upgrades (at right) provide in-depth survival insights.

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     "I first read Moses Ludel's writings when I bought his Jeep Owner's Bible years ago. I joined the forums to solicit advice on my cylinder #1 misfire. My mechanic advised replacing the motor due to the 250k mileage. Moses started with fundamentals, rather than part swaps. And other folks here have chimed in with additional advice. The misfire topic is getting a lot of views, so I assume there's a bunch of other TJ owners whose Jeep 4x4s are aging and need some attention. I agree with Biggman100, joining these forums and posting a question is going to get you help and educate the rest of us."—JJ_Jeep, Forum Member since June 8, 2013     

      "In response to your reply, Moses, I'm mind blown...It will take me a couple reads to soak this all in, but once again, mind blown. I wish you were my neighbor!"—Member Megatron

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  "These forums are the way it should be for people looking for facts and support and for those trying to help. Also, I like the easy to use Garage Photo Gallery feature for your builds. It's like having your own magazine showcase!"—Member Megatron  

SCORE International and BFGoodrich® Tires Bring the 'Baja 1000 Experience' to the 2014 SEMA Show!


The 2014 SEMA Show at Las Vegas, Nevada featured the first SCORE International 'Baja 1000 Experience'. The newest addition to the SEMA Show attracted a large crowd. This HD video covers the press conference and BFGoodrich® KO2 All-Terrain tire comments!

Bestop® Introduces Trektop™ Pro Soft Top at 2014 SEMA Show!

Bestop Trektop Pro soft top for Jeep JK Wrangler

Bestop® showcased the new Trektop™ Pro at the 2014 SEMA Show! This innovative new soft top features breakthrough innovations like framed, glass-sliding rear side windows and a glass tailgate window! Watch this HD video coverage and a tour with Bill Haberkamp.

Warn Industries Launches the ZEON Platinum Winch—See Our Exclusive HD Video Product Tour from the 2014 SEMA Show!

New ZEON Platinum winch from Warn Industries

Warn Industries has introduced the ZEON Platinum™ winch—"the toughest, most technologically advanced truck and SUV winch on the trail today." Click here for details and see our HD video product tour of Warn's booth at the 2014 SEMA Show.

See the Awards Ceremony Coverage from the 2014 SEMA Show!

2014 SEMA Show New Products and Hottest Vehicle Awards 

The 2014 SEMA New Products Awards and SEMA Hottest Vehicle Awards took place at the show's opening. In this HD video coverage directly from the Las Vegas SEMA Show, join us and see the best new products available from the automotive aftermarket!

Technology Breakthrough: Testing the Enerpulse Pulstar® Spark Plugs in the Magazine's On- and Off-Road Vehicles!

Enerpulse Pulstar® spark plug testing in the Jeep 4.0L engine Gapping the new Enerpulse Pulstar® PlasmaCore spark plug!

Enerpulse Technologies' Pulstar® PlasmaCore spark plug technology is at the leading edge of internal combustion engine performance gains and emissions reduction. Click here for our HD video coverage of the Pulstar® spark plugs. See details and our real world testing!

Testing the Popular CTEK Battery Chargers!

CTEK MUS Polar 4.3 battery charger CTEK powersports battery charger

In this HD video how-to coverage, learn why CTEK battery chargers offer the best protection against battery damage and how to properly store, protect, recondition and recover a sulphated or badly depleted battery!

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) Walks Us Through Header Wrapping!

DEI header wrapping demonstration how-to Special tool for tightening the stainless steel bands on DEI header wrap installations

Header wrapping is an art. In this HD video how-to, watch Dan Stark from DEI wrap a set of exhaust headers the right way! Design Engineering, Inc., has a full line of thermal and acoustic barrier products. Learn how to make header wrap fit properly and work right!

Our Honda XR650R Motorcycle:  Acerbis Sahara Fuel Tank Added for Long Distance Travel and Field Video Work!

Honda XR650R with Acerbis 6.3 gallon Sahara fuel tank!

The magazine's Honda XR650R is our video filming platform for remote desert. The factory 2.6 gallon fuel tank is too small for dual-sport use. In this detailed how-to HD video, see the installation of an Acerbis Sahara fuel tank on our Honda XR650R motorcycle!

Honda XR650R  Dual-Sport Get Ready: Nelson-Rigg Luggage plus TCI Products Racks and Skid Plate Crankcase and Side Cover Protection!

TCI Products Sequoia tail and saddle bag rack for the Honda XR650R motorcycle  Video gear on board for field filming off-road

The magazine's Honda XR650R dual-sport motorcycle carries valuable video equipment and camping gear into the backcountry. In this video series, see how Nelson-Rigg motorcycle luggage and TCI Products racks and engine protection work for us!

Mounting and Testing Michelin Dual-Sport T63 and Off-Road Cross AC10 Motorcycle Tires

The magazine's Honda XR650R ready for video filming on the road and trail!

At left, 4WD Mechanix Magazine's Honda XR650R motorcycle is ready to roll with fresh Michelin T63 tires and matching tubes! Used for video filming at remote desert and mountain venues, tires must be reliable, trail and road worthy—and durable!

Michelin T63 and Cross AC10 tires for DOT dual-sport use

In this two-part HD video series, we mount and test Michelin's T63 and Cross AC10 dual-sport motorcycle tires. These tires and matching tubes are DOT approved for use on public roads and highways. The T63 is a 50/50 highway and off-pavement design.

We Turn to L.A. Sleeve Company for Machine Work on Our Honda XR650R Motorcycle Top-End Engine Build!

At the heart of our Honda XR650R dual-sport bike is a freshly built, uncorked engine. With Hot Cams 'Stage 1' camshaft and L.A. Sleeve head and cylinder work, this powerplant pumps out an estimated 55 horsepower and 50 lbs. ft. torque.

Cylinder barrel removal during upper engine rebuild

In this instructional HD video series, Moses Ludel rebuilds the top end of the magazine's Honda XR650R motorcycle engine. See the HD video how-to on the cylinder leak down test. To see the removal of the cylinder head and cylinder barrel for inspection, click here!

This video trailer is brief highlights from the how-to on rebuilding the Honda XR650R upper engine. For access to  the entire 54-minute program, including the bonus segments on valve adjustment and tuning tips for this iconic desert enduro engine, click here.* 
*For those doing only a valve adjustment on this four-stroke engine (and other four-strokes with conventional rocker adjusters), a valve adjustment standalone video is also available at Vimeo On Demand as a streaming rental. 

4WD Mechanix HD Video Network Instructional and Training Videos Now Streaming Rentals at Vimeo On Demand!


Technical articles and how-to videos have been filmed, narrated and painstakingly edited as Vimeo On Demand productions. This trailer shares details from the popular Aisin AX15 transmission instructional rebuild. Access the 94-minute feature at Vimeo On Demand:

4WD Mechanix Magazine's Popular Streaming HD Video 'How-to' Features at Vimeo On Demand!

Moses Ludel rebuilds the 11.5

An in-depth, 66-minute 11.5" and 9.25" AAM axle rebuild "how-to" HD video is now available at Vimeo On Demand as a streaming rental...Go to this page at the magazine to view the trailer. Click here to access the Vimeo On Demand streaming HD video rental!

Jeep XJ Cherokee 4.0L water pump replacement

Moses Ludel removes and installs a Jeep XJ Cherokee 4.0L engine water pump. Included is how-to on removal and installation of the serpentine drive belt. Click here for direct access to the streaming video rental at Vimeo On Demand. To see the trailer, click here.

Jeep XJ Cherokee radiator removal from the engine bay

Make the water pump removal easier by removing the radiator first. This HD video trailer can be viewed here at the magazine, or for direct access to the Vimeo On Demand streaming rental feature, click here!

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