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BFGoodrich® KO2 Off-Road Wiper Blades Deliver Safe All Season Performance

by Moses Ludel

Pylon Manufacturing Partners with BFGoodrich® on the New KO2 Wiper Blades!

Stylish and innovative, the new BFGoodrich® KO2 Wiper Blades deliver superior service in mud, snow, ice and rain. Fully functional both on- and off-road, these blades provide reliable all-season safety.

Our Ram 3500 with BFG KO2 tires has matching patterns with the new BFGoodrich® Off-Road Wiper Blades!

We tested the new blades in a Sierra blizzard, on muddy and slushy roads then in pouring rain along Interstate 80. Aside from looking great, these new wiper blades resist slush and ice buildup while thoroughly swiping and clearing the windshield. In conjunction with the vehicle’s windshield washer system, these wiper blades kept us going through hazardous driving conditions.

BFG® KO2 tire fans will immediately recognize the covers on these blades, an authentic reproduction of the KO2 tire tread pattern. Whether on the trail or highway, these wiper blades match our 4×4 demands.

New BFGoodrich® KO2 Off-Road Wiper Blades are far more than just great looking—they work well both on- and off-road in snow, mud, slush and ice.

Pylon Manufacturing Corporation’s partnership with BFGoodrich® led to a breakthrough design in wiper blades. Intended for on- and off-road use, these durable all-season blades are easy to install and quick to deliver!

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