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Why We Picked the Autel MS906TS Scan Tool for Our Shop

by Moses Ludel
The Autel® MS906TS Scan Tool is a contemporary diagnostic tool that meets an independent shop’s needs and can also serve serious ‘DIY’ users. Rivaling the troubleshooting features of factory scan tools, the MS906TS is a great value!

Choosing a scan tool in today’s market is a big decision for any shop or serious ‘DIY’ consumer. The functions, hardware quality and software package that come with a scan tool will determine its value.

The model coverage for the MS906TS is broad. For our shop, the Dodge (Ram truck), Jeep® Cherokee and VW/Audi software and adapters are ideal. Autel® is a global company with a strong market at Europe. The MS906TS North American scan tool package works for most U.S. and many European and Asian vehicles. Before buying the MS906TS or any other scan tool, confirm that the models covered by the tool will meet your vehicle and shop needs.

Update downloads and software subscriptions also must be considered. Many manufacturers now have “cloud” based subscriptions and technical service subscriptions that quickly double or triple the purchase price of a tool. Research the ongoing costs of any equipment. Here, Autel® offers fair and affordable update options. Our MS906TS first year subscription was included with the tablet and accessories package, part of the initial purchase price.

TPMS and ADAS are just two of the contemporary service features built into the Autel MS906TS scan tool. Autel tool platforms offer plenty of accessories and options. Test reports can be stored on the cloud, an added feature with the more affordable annual subscriptions. Independent shops will find this approach cost effective.

In the current market, ADAS and TPMS have added more demands to scan tools. After considering all of these variables and researching available products, we picked the Autel MS906TS scan tool for its range of features, rugged construction, software quality, tech support and price point.

Our first Autel® experience was with the MP408 MaxiScope. (Click to see the magazine’s MP408 feature.) The impressive OAK Accessories Kit included two amp clamps and several other useful tools. Autel uses common electrical and electronic connectors that make these packages more versatile and expand their usage. An oscilloscope is a must-have tool for in depth electrical troubleshooting and unique diagnostics like relative compression testing.

This coverage explores the use, troubleshooting parameters and navigational ease of the Autel MS906TS. We do all vehicle service and maintenance in-house. For our shop’s purposes, this scan tool is the cost effective solution for diagnostics, troubleshooting and overall vehicle maintenance. Whether a smog inspection is looming or we’re following our high priority preventive care, this Autel® tool saves us time and considerable expense.

The miles on our vehicles range from 107,000 to 191,000 miles, and we plan to keep them. Safe and reliable, our 1999 Jeep® Cherokee, 2005 Ram-Cummins 4×4 truck and the newly acquired 2003 Volkswagen TDI Jetta deliver top performance. The Autel MS906TS will help us maintain our “fleet” and keep these vehicles “Road Ready!”.

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