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No-Spill Drain Plug Systems

by Moses Ludel
No-Spill Systems are optimal for mess free oil changing and gathering samples for oil tests.

Everyone knows it’s impossible to remove an oil pan drain plug and get just a small oil sample. We needed a test sample and found a solution. The “No-Spill Systems” drain plug makes oil changes mess-free, regardless of the quantity drained. A No-Spill system can quickly drain the entire crankcase or gather just an oil sample.

When a Frantz Oil Filter Kit went into service on our Cummins engine, the manufacturer (Lubrication Specialties, Inc.) requested a test sample of the used crankcase oil. Before operating the Cummins engine with the Frantz filter, we would test the contamination level of the oil, which had been in the crankcase for 5,082 miles. After capturing a small oil sample, the remainder of the oil would stay in the crankcase. This “dirty” oil would be tested later to show how well the Frantz oil filter removed contaminants.

The No-Spill Systems are North America made. (The Canadian based company sublets the brass milling to Ohio, U.S.A. All other work is performed at Canada.) No-Spill Systems are available for popular engine applications and a variety of oil pan thread sizes.

Who Can Benefit from a No-Spill Systems Drain Plug?

Fleet operators, commercial truck and equipment owners and serious DIY users find the No-Spill drain systems valuable. Quick oil changes can be performed under the most adverse conditions without risk of getting dirt inside the oil pan. The hose conveniently drops to the level of a typical drain pan, which is helpful when the wind is blowing!

No-Spill plug assembly seals with a copper washer. This 5.9L Cummins diesel plug has a torque setting of 30 lb-ft. Tightening torque should match the OEM specification for your engine.

The plug “swap” without oil loss was a challenge and testimonial to how easily the No-Spill plug installs. (Obviously, this would be a simple task if done during a full oil change!) The plug’s hex flange stands out slightly with the supplied copper washer fitting flush against the oil pan surface. The exposed hex helps eliminate the risk of rounding corners on the flange. As the video illustrates, the socket gets a firm, square grip on the hex flange.

Length of tube is handy, reaching to the oil drain pan for a complete crankcase oil draining.

The oil resistant plastic tube and upper coupling can be rotated carefully with the knurled thumb knob. This controls the oil flow, which can be adjusted from a mere trickle to full flow for quick draining of a large capacity diesel oil pan.

Tube can be used to conveniently gather a sample of oil without a mess, spillage or oil loss.

Gathering our oil sample was simple. Future draining of the entire crankcase will take only minutes now that the No-Spill System is permanently in place. See the video for installation and fit-up details.

“Speed Click” Popular for Commercial and Off-Highway Applications

No-Spill has a following in the commercial vehicle and off-highway market. Here, quick oil draining and service are paramount. The Speed Click offers a one-click coupler that does not require threading onto the drain plug assembly. With the drain hose in position over the drain pan or receptacle, the quick coupler is pushed into position on the “springhouse” and clicks in place. During this procedure, oil flows immediately and at full flow volume.

For more details on the Speed Click System, visit the No-Spill Systems website at https://nospillsystems.com. (Illustration provided by No-Spill Systems.)

For our Ram/Cummins engine, threading a fitting and hose onto the No-Spill Compact plug is no issue. We like the ability to meter the oil flow for small quantity sampling when needed. However, for a commercial truck, agricultural equipment or off-highway heavy equipment shop, the Speed Click is a faster method. Fast service and high volume drain oil flow would be desirable for large equipment. Off-road racers and pit crews would also find this quick method handy.

This is the Speed Click coupler and hose attached to the drain plug. Note the unseated valve. As soon as the coupler attaches, oil is flowing!
Like the Standard and Compact No-Spill drain systems, the Speed Click System has a dust cap. Between oil changes, with this cap in place, the drain plug is protected from debris, damage and dirt accumulation.

Regardless of which No-Spill System you choose, the ease of oil changing is obvious. Oil changes can be controlled, no longer an oily, messy chore. These systems also work well with drain pans designed for quick recycling of oil. If you value your time, clothing and skin, these No-Spill plugs eliminate the mess and do not require removal.

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