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New OTC Evolve Scan Tool Demonstration

by Moses Ludel

OTC Tools is on the leading edge of troubleshooting and diagnostics tools. The latest Evolve scan tool features diagnostics capability and a troubleshooting interface with the internet. In this demonstration at the 2016 SEMA Show, see how repair shops and serious DIY troubleshooters can perform quick diagnostics to pinpoint trouble code causes. Tests can be performed with the vehicle stationary or during real world driving tests.

otc-evolve-2016-sema-1 otc-evolve-2016-sema-2

The latest OTC Tools scan tool is the “Evolve”. This scanner provides a balance of internal library information and ready access to the internet. Shops are able to find vital information to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot powertrain and other system troubles.

otc-evolve-sema-2016-3 otc-evolve-2016-sema-4

In addition to subscription services and Google, the user can readily access wiring diagrams through the Bosch/OTC Tools proprietary wiring schematics.  For shops and advanced DIY users, wiring schematics are a key asset.

otc-evolve-2016-sema-5 otc-evolve-2016-sema-6

The navigation is rapid and familiar, anyone who uses a computer will readily adapt to the intuitive buttons and flow.  Late model vehicle troubleshooting issues like TPMS are incorporated in this scan tool.  Solving a broad spectrum of troubles amortizes the Evolve scan tool’s cost rapidly.

otc-evolve-2016-sema-7 otc-evolve-2016-sema-8

Problems like key and entry security programming no longer need referrals to an authorized dealership. Troubles that only occur with the vehicle on the road are readily tracked while the technician’s attention remains fixed on driving.  Stored symptom data can be reviewed back at the shop as real time diagnostics, all part of pinpoint troubleshooting and accurate repairs that lead to customer satisfaction.

Adjunct Tools:  OTC CAN Test Box

For those working on CAN bus systems, there is also the OTC 3415 CAN Test Box.  The OTC 3415 CAN Test Box includes a breakout box and protocol detector to diagnose electrical faults and CAN bus line activity. For technicians conducting electrical work, the OTC CAN Test Box assists with checking power and ground circuits, checking active protocol lines and connecting a multimeter or oscilloscope for detailed signal analysis.

Features and function of the OTC CAN Test Box include:

  • Verify ECU activity and monitor OBDII data lines
  • Check and monitor battery voltage, with a continuous numeric display or voltage
  • Alarm warning when voltage drops below 11.6v or rises above 15.2v
  • LEDs at pin-out display signal detection and flashing LEDs for ECU activity
  • Probe lines with scope or multimeter for detailed signal information

For more information on the Evolve Scan Tool and the OTC CAN Test Box, or a catalog review of other OTC specialty tools, visit:


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