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Bestop® Launches New Products at the 2016 SEMA Show

by Moses Ludel

The Bestop® booth at 2016 SEMA Show featured a host of new products. Convertible, open air driving is a hallmark of Jeep® off-road recreation, and the innovative new Trektop NX Glide drew a large crowd.  Also popular were the Roughrider Tailgate Shelf and Hardrock 4×4 modular bumpers.

Partnering with Baja Designs and Tuffy Security Products has added to the product line-up, and 2017 will be a banner year for Bestop® and its new family members!

2016-bestop-sema-1 2016-bestop-sema-13

In time for the 2016 SEMA Show Las Vegas, Bestop® introduced Tuffy Security Products and Baja Designs auxiliary lighting, two new Bestop® family members. Complementing leading edge, innovative Bestop® products, Tuffy Security Products and Baja Designs will develop and expand as well.

2016-bestop-sema-3 2016-bestop-sema-2

Garett Graubins, Marketing Director at Bestop®, walks us through the exciting new Trektop NX Glide convertible soft top. Bestop® leads the industry in OEM quality, precision fit top systems with over 50 years of expertise and trail use experience.  An OE supplier to Jeep®, Bestop® maintains the highest quality standards for tops and accessories.

2016-bestop-sema-9 2016-bestop-sema-10

Onlookers were amazed at how fast the Trektop NX Glide Top transforms. For Jeep® JK Wrangler models, this is the most advanced convertible top in the industry.  The top’s back and side panels came off in seconds before the top folded rearward for fresh-air driving.  Gliding channels and Velcro make this a quick assembly, useful when afternoon clouds turn to thundershowers!

2016-bestop-sema-12 2016-bestop-sema-11

Another unique feature of the Trektop NX Glide Top is the intermediate roof fold-back position. From within the vehicle, the top can be easily folded to this position (left) without the need to get out of the Jeep®. At right is just one of the many configurations that make open-air travel enjoyable…See how quickly this top folds back during a friendly competition at the Bestop® booth!

2016-bestop-sema-5 2016-bestop-sema-6

The Roughrider Tailgate Shelf is an innovative way to gain vital space on a Jeep® JK Wrangler.  Garett Graubins explains the ease of use and versatility of this stowage, which can also be used as a flat shelf for camp meal prep and other chores.  Availability will be Spring 2017!

2016-bestop-sema-7 2016-bestop-sema-8

The Hardrock 4×4 modular bumper system is very popular.  Ability to remove the end caps for narrow width “rockcrawling” use makes this bumper system a must for hardcore off-road use. Innovative steps on the rear bumper end caps provide access to the tall roof of a lifted Jeep® 4×4!

2016-bestop-sema-14b 2016-bestop-sema-14

The latest generation Bestop® Power Board line (on JK Wrangler at left) provides safer ease of entry and exit for a stock or lifted vehicle.  The boards retract, out of harm’s way on the trail.  Other practical accessories include quick fit seat covers (right) to protect your valuable Jeep® seats.

Bestop® also offers the innovative Sunrider® open air access roof panels for the Jeep® JK Wrangler. Available for both soft and hard top applications, the Sunrider® for Hardtop now serves Jeep® JK Wrangler owners.  In this interview video, Bill Haberkamp walks us through the Sunrider® panel’s design features at the Bestop® booth during last year’s 2015 SEMA Show.  Bill also demonstrates the Bestop® Power Board in operation on both Jeep® and light truck applications.

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