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Superwinch® Launches EXP Series Winches at the 2016 SEMA Show!

by Moses Ludel

The big news in vehicle recovery is the new Superwinch® EXP series winch. Introduced at the 2016 SEMA Show, the “Expedition Grade” winch features state of the art features that earned eight new patents. Join Scott Salmon, Vice President of Consumer Business at Superwinch® as he shares details and the innovations of the leading edge EXP winches!

superwinch-exp-2016-sema-2 superwinch-exp-2016-sema-3

The new Superwinch® EXP winch design debuted at the 2016 SEMA Show.  This winch is a departure from earlier designs and offers advanced features.  The EXP has earned eight patents!

superwinch-2016-sema-1 superwinch-exp-2016-sema-6

Superwinch® has been building rugged winch and recovery equipment over 45 years now, for both commercial use and 4×4 off-road adventure. The new EXP “Expedition Grade” winches incorporate a pickatinny accessories mounting and power source system that complements the many bolt-on lights and other enhancements now available in the 4×4 accessories aftermarket!

superwinch-exp-2016-sema-9 superwinch-exp-2016-sema-8

Available with the integral built-in bridge or with a remote control box as shown here, the EXP fits a wide range of vehicles and winch bumper types. The non-integral control box can be mounted nearby a behind-the-bumper winch assembly. Using the available cable extension kit, the control box can even be remotely mounted in the engine compartment, out of the weather and above the creek and stream flow.

superwinch-exp-2016-sema-5 superwinch-exp-handle

“Expedition Grade” means a winch designed with end user input.  Superwinch® polled 4×4 enthusiasts and hardcore four-wheel drivers and recovery experts before committing to the advanced design features.  Each innovation reflects utility and ease of use. Winching can be demanding, and the stout manual release clutch handle (at right) turns quickly to its solid engagement position.  This provides less user input, always safer when the going gets tough!

superwinch-exp-2016-sema-7 superwinch-exp-2016-sema-10

The pickatinny style rails at the back of the integral bridge bar are versatile and handy for lighting and bracket solutions like a GoPro camera.  A popular off-road camera and filming perspective is forward facing, and the pickatinny rails are a standardized mounting and power source for a wide range of accessories. For more information on the Superwinch® pickatinny rail systems, see:  https://www.superwinch.com/blogs/news/superwinch-unveils-patent-pending-accessory-mounts.

At last year’s 2015 SEMA Show, we toured the entire Superwinch® product line. For insight into the niche, powersports and large frame winches like the Talon 18K-pound workhorse on 4WD Mechanix Magazine’s Dodge Ram 3500 4×4, see this video, and take a tour with Jon Mason and Rachael…

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