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TruckVault and ShotLock Products at the 2016 SEMA Show

by Moses Ludel

Vehicle and cargo security is a major concern. While vehicle alarms and a Jeep® hard top or pickup bed cap can help, nothing works as soundly as the rugged TruckVault® security systems! At the 2016 SEMA Show, we looked closely at TruckVault’s cargo security solution and also the handy ShotLock® lockers.  Building contractors, law enforcement agencies, avid hunters and fishing enthusiasts, photographers and video crews can benefit from TruckVault® security cargo lockers.

truckvault-2016-sema-10 truckvault-2016-sema-4

The locking systems on the TruckVault offer maximum security and protection for valuable cargo.  Foam-lined for niche need shaping, the TruckVault drawers hold significant weight and roll smoothly for ready access.

truckvault-2016-sema-3 truckvault-2016-sema-2

Applications fit popular later model SUVs, hatchback cars, pickups and Jeep® vehicle, and TruckVault units can be custom tailored for the customer.  Well engineered sealing from moisture and dust assures protection for valuable guns, rifles, fishing gear, photography equipment and video gear.  The adjustable compression locks and rugged drawer seals assure a tight dust seal and waterproofing, an optimal design for units used in uncovered pickup beds.

truckvault-2016-sema-6 truckvault-2016-sema-7

Manual twist and compression latches are secure and fail safe.  Combination, push-button and automatic/electronic locks with a remote control can be ordered.  Security items like ammunition, which must be kept safe yet available, are cushioned by fitted foam.  Shaping the foam properly keeps cargo from shifting and helps prevent damage from jarring and rough back country roads.

truckvault-2016-sema-8 truckvault-2016-sema-9

Seals are robust and designed for long life.  Built in the U.S.A., the drawers, shell and all hardware meet the highest standards and security levels.  Once locked, these drawers thwart theft and prevent access to cargo.

truckvault-2016-sema-11 truckvault-2016-sema-12

Side wings (shown at left) fit to the vehicle’s cargo walls to prevent items from falling into gaps.  The rubber mat is stout, and the load capacity of this rugged cargo box is extraordinary. Users often park a quad on the cargo deck!  For practical purposes, installing a TruckVault® cargo storage locker does not decrease the bed’s load capacity.

truckvault-2016-sema-14 truckvault-2016-sema-13

ShotLock® is a cost-effective and portable security locker.  For a wallet, handgun or even shotguns and long rifles, the ShotLock® can be an alternative or complement to the TruckVault.  (See the various ShotLock® models available at http://www.shotlock.com.) Easily hand carried, cabled or mounted on a plate, ShotLock® is ideal for securing smaller items.  Well-engineered for security, this is a quick access method for valuable items.

2005-dodge-ram-3500-bed-view-1 2005-dodge-ram-3500-bed-view-3

The magazine’s A.R.E. V-Series cap is a well-built and attractive first line deterrent to cargo theft.  We carry photography and video equipment, custom fly rods and hunting guns.  (See the Ram 3500’s A.R.E. cap details at https://www.4wdmechanix.com/our-ram-3500-gets-an-a-r-e-shell/ and the truck’s latest performance gain with 37″ tires and Raceline Wheels at https://www.4wdmechanix.com/selecting-tires-and-wheels-for-optimal-handling-gearing-and-fuel-efficiency/.)  The TransferFlow 75-gallon auxiliary fuel tank, a welcome accessory, has eliminated space within the already short 6.3-foot bed.  A TruckVault® can be custom built for an application like this, which requires shorter drawers with a normal bed width…Follow our detailed installation—soon!

For more details on the TruckVault® and ShotLock® Products, visit the websites:

http://www.truckvault.com and http://www.shotlock.com

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