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Latest Baja Designs Products at the 2016 SEMA Show

by Moses Ludel

Baja Designs off-road racing, recreational four-wheeling, motorcycle and highway upgrade lighting is legendary. We depend on Baja Designs aftermarket solutions for safe, dependable 4×4 and motorcycle illumination. At the 2016 SEMA Show Las Vegas, Trent Kirby walks us through the latest technology and lighting from Baja Designs in this video interview.

baja-designs-2016-sema-2 baja-designs-2016-sema-3

Trent Kirby takes us on a tour of the latest Baja Designs lighting options at the 2016 SEMA Show Las Vegas.  The science behind Baja Designs lighting is race tested!

baja-designs-2016-sema-4  baja-designs-2016-sema-6

Squadron lights offer powerful illumination at a reasonable amperage draw.  Baja Designs has developed lighting for off-road racing, performance highway and remote overland travel.

baja-designs-2016-sema-7 baja-designs-2016-sema-8

The XL line is popular.  Baja Designs offers a wide range of lighting options and price points.  Off-road and 4×4 truck users find that race-proven lighting solutions meet a variety of niche needs.

baja-designs-2016-sema-9 baja-designs-2016-sema-10

Partnering with Bestop® provides tailored lighting for specialty armor like this Jeep JK Wrangler bumper. “Plug and play” means interfaces that work properly with factory wiring harnesses.  Baja Designs provides OEM equivalent wiring harnesses with correctly engineered connectors.  Installation is quick and reliable, and OEM wiring integrity remains in place.

baja-designs-2016-sema-11 baja-designs-2016-sema-12

A key element in user friendly products is Baja Designs’ light selection chart.  This takes the guesswork out of lighting solutions and choices.  Quite literally, other manufacturers leave consumers in the dark here while Baja Designs provides a map of what each lighting product can do.

tci-nelson-rigg-2 xr650r

The magazine’s Honda XR650R is dual-sport converted with Baja Designs’ proven conversion kit.  Reliability and ease of installation are Baja Designs hallmarks, whether motorcycle conversions or 4×4 and SUV applications.  The speedometer, mirrors and other roadworthy safety items from Baja Designs make this bike reliable and ready for a day’s work!

first-pics-of-xr650r-2 xr350r-mag-3-3

The previous owner converted our XR650R (left) to street legal dual-sport status at Texas.  Our State of Nevada readily approved the Baja Designs kit.  This is a safe and reliable package for a combination of open desert enduro riding and secondary highway legal use, the best of both worlds for a highly capable motorcycle! 

See our bikes perform at https://www.4wdmechanix.com/our-honda-xr650r-tackles-single-track-at-el-dorado-canyon-nevada/ and https://www.4wdmechanix.com/why-i-keep-this-30-year-old-honda-xr350r-motorcycle/.  The Honda XR350R has been in our stable since the mid-‘nineties and may get its own Baja Designs dual-sport conversion package.  A pending Baja Designs stator rewind on the XR650R will also prove useful for upgrade lighting.

For more details on the full-line of Baja Designs products, visit:  http://www.bajadesigns.com

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