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Autel® Demonstrates ADAS Calibration at the 2021 AAPEX Show

by Moses Ludel

Autel® Trainer Demonstrates Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration at Joe’s Garage…

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology has expanded rapidly in the automotive world. By 2023, over 90% of new vehicles sold will have elements of ADAS. The automotive service community must respond rapidly to these new demands. Traditional tasks like a windshield replacement, four-wheel alignment or a minor repair involving a grille or mirror can now require ADAS recalibration.

At the 2021 AAPEX Show’s live action “Joe’s Garage”, Autel® trainer Richard Zenteno explained Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology while demonstrating MaxiSys® IA800 ADAS calibration equipment. This detailed session explored how ADAS works, the necessary diagnostics equipment, the advanced calibration frame with targets and the guided, step-by-step contemporary ADAS calibration procedure.

Autel® state of the art IA800 MaxiSys IA800 ADAS calibration equipment.

Joe’s Garage at the 2021 AAPEX Show, Las Vegas, provided real world facsimiles of modern independent automotive shops. The special section showcased the newest equipment and tools from manufacturers. Demonstrating a variety of advanced service equipment, professional Autel® trainers walked the large audience through the technology and service demands of ADAS. The Autel® IA800 MaxiSys IA800 ADAS calibration frame and accessories are popular and cost effective for independent shops.

In hourly sessions, Trainer Richard Zenteno explained ADAS features and service demands. Through a live demonstration, he took the audience through the complete ADAS calibration of a vehicle. For shop owners and technicians, the training demystified ADAS, its devices and service steps. The Autel® IA800 is an easily understood diagnostic and calibration system. User friendly, the IA800 can troubleshoot, pre-test, calibrate and post-test a passenger car or light truck/SUV Advanced Driver Assist System.

Shop owners and professional technicians learn as Autel® trainer Richard Zenteno walks through IA800 ADAS technology and real world troubleshooting. The MaxiSys® software addresses the equipment setup, the vehicle’s ADAS requirements and the calibration specifications. This equipment interacts with the vehicle’s factory software and recalibrates the cameras and laser radar.

As new vehicles pour off assembly lines, the automatic braking, lane correction, steering assist and warning features of ADAS will become commonplace. Shops that can service and calibrate these camera and radar systems will be in high demand. Body shops and wheel alignment centers top the list for acquiring this new technology. Equipment like the MaxiSys IA800 ADAS calibration frame with target racks will be a necessity. Autel® can provide the scanning and calibration tools with software for servicing these ADAS vehicles. A list of accessories is available for niche needs.

For the four-wheel drive SUV and light truck community, shops specializing in chassis lifts, accessorizing, and armor/bumper installations will require ADAS service and calibration capability. Any ADAS-equipped vehicle that has been modified with a change in chassis height, weight bias or oversized tires will require recalibration. If ADAS equipped vehicle volume is high enough, the ability to service and calibrate ADAS in house will be cost-effective.

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