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2021 AAPEX Show Featuring Joe’s Garage

by Moses Ludel

AAPEX Creates a Real World “Joe’s Garage” Workshop at Las Vegas!

For 2021, AAPEX returned to the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center’s Venetian Expo and Caesar Forum. Highlighting the 2021 show was the all new Joe’s Garage. Major equipment, tool and parts manufacturers, automotive service trainers and an enthusiastic global aftermarket supply chain met with thousands of attendees at this year’s show.

2021 AAPEX Show launched with a Keynote Session Breakfast that hosted 920 members and media. A panel of aftermarket industry experts and business leaders discussed the pressing issues that affect and impact a $1.7-trillion global automotive service industry.

AAPEX Show at Las Vegas is the premier annual gathering for the global automotive aftermarket, which now represents $1.7T (USD) in gross annual revenue. The 2020 AAPEX Virtual Experience was a well organized online show that helped maintain business momentum during the depths of the pandemic. However, for many companies and shop owners, face-to-face meetings are essential. With an abundance of caution and careful planning, 2021 AAPEX returned live to Las Vegas with the full support of its affiliate members and the automotive aftermarket community.

The Autocare® Association was well represented at the 2021 AAPEX Show. Serving the vital needs of automotive businesses and consumers, this broad based community addresses the wide range of issues and business needs within the automotive aftermarket.

While traditional vendor booths and business meetings flourished at the show, the newest attraction was “Joe’s Garage”. The simulated working garage and shop area provided equipment manufacturers with an opportunity to display and demonstrate products. Test vehicles were set up in a safe, clean air environment with overhead exhaust ducting. The convention center provided heavy electrical current and permitted floor mounting of equipment frames and functioning chassis hoists. Live demonstrations with vehicles, technical training sessions and business discussions served thousands of attendees. These provisions will be available for next year’s show and vendor use.

Autel® trainer Richard Zenteno conducted MaxiSys® IA800 ADAS technical training sessions with all of the necessary equipment and each step involved in ADAS camera and laser radar calibration.

Following the Media Tour of Joe’s Garage, 4WD Mechanix Magazine captured Autel® trainer Richard Zenteno’s session on Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) service work. Using Autel® MaxiSys IA800 equipment, Richard began by thoroughly explaining ADAS technology and needs. He then walked the group through each troubleshooting and calibration step using a test vehicle’s ADAS cameras and laser radar system. Coverage of that live training session at Joe’s Garage is available at https://www.4wdmechanix.com/autel-demonstrates-adas-calibration-at-the-2021-aapex-show/.

Our friends at S.U.R.&R. brought a bevy of their latest products to the 2021 AAPEX Show. The magazine has created a variety of how-to videos around S.U.R.&R. niche service products. For the 4WD off-road crowd, this new stainless wire clamp kit should be among backcountry “overlanding” tools. Clamps can be made in minutes. Repairing cooling system hoses and fuel lines could be the temporary fix needed to get home! Around the shop and home, there are myriad uses.

Joe’s Garage has now been built into the Venetian/Sands Convention Center’s floorplan. Equipment demonstrations and training will remain an important part of the AAPEX Show. Independent shop owners, technicians and those with a keen interest in the latest automotive technology, service systems, equipment and products should consider the AAPEX Show during SEMA week. AAPEX is about automotive service needs and stands at the forefront in the consumer “Right to Repair” effort. AAPEX represents the leading automotive technology and service needs of the global community.

For more information on the 2022 AAPEX Show (scheduled for November 1-3, 2022) visit:


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