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2005 Gen 3 Ram AlphaRex® LUXX-Series Headlight Upgrade

by Moses Ludel
AlphaRex® LUXX-Series headlights now provide superior lighting for our Gen 3 Ram truck. In addition to the stylish Gen 5 look, these lights feature long life projector LEDs, sequential turn signals and bright amber side markers and surround lighting.

The OEM reflector halogen headlights on our Gen 3 Ram truck needed replacing. We chose AlphaRex® LUXX headlights for their superior projector LED high/low beams. The new lighting is a dramatic improvement over OEM headlights. Added features and updates include sequential turn signals and an attractive Gen 5 styling. See the video comparison between OEM reflector lights and the AlphaRex® upgrade projector beam headlights.

Reflector halogen lights use a cap dome over the halogen bulb. Light bounces back to the reflector then shines forward with a limited focus. These lights were poor when new and got worse with time and lens deterioration. Upgrade halogen bulbs made little difference.
The OEM headlights became opaque with age. Use of a headlight lens repair kit was a temporary fix but left the lens surfaces unprotected from UV rays. The original UV protection topcoat was gone, and the lenses yellowed and crazed.

The OEM headlights on the 2002-2005 Gen 3 Ram trucks were reflector halogen type. The capped bulbs and reflectors diffuse and scatter the light. Adjusting the OEM lights (horizontally only) proved futile, and we lived with poor headlights from day one. Upgrade halogen bulbs provided a marginal improvement. When the lights deteriorated enough to toss them out, OEM replacement housings and halogen bulbs were out of the question. We searched for the best lighting upgrade and chose the mid-tier AlphaRex® LUXX-Series projector LED lights. These lights offer superior functionality at a sensible cost.

Remarkably, the OEM headlights are actually turned on here. The PIAA driving and PIAA fog lights pierce right through the dim (seen as beige) OEM high beam headlights. We lived with reflector halogen lighting for years.
These are the LUXX LED projector lights in the low beam mode. Note the clear “cut-off line” at the top. This is the adjustment line for a clear break between bright projector light and total blackout above the cut-off line. Oncoming drivers do not suffer from bright light. Below the cut-off line is superior lighting that vastly improves visibility and safety.
The LUXX projector high beams have far more focus than the OEM reflector light. New lighting is sharper, deeper and not scattered or diffused like the OEM halogen reflector headlights. The video shows the effectiveness of these LUXX lights when adjusted properly.
LUXX lights feature LED side markers and the installer’s choice of white or amber surround lights. The turn signals are bright amber and sequential. Safety and improved visibility were the primary reasons for our headlight upgrade. Great looks are an added bonus!

The LUXX headlight design for the Gen 3 Dodge Ram features attractive Gen 5 styling. Due to the headlight shape and limited space, there is no room for outer LED projector bulbs. The LED bulb at each side’s inside projector has a combined low-and-high beam. There is a faint trace of bluish light present at the outside projectors. The system provides a two-projector per side look that many truck owners want. AlphaRex® high end NOVA-Series lights feature four projectors at each headlight.

As for lighting quality, the single low/high LEDs at each side are more than ample! Lighting on our truck has never been this good. In the video, you will see a real world, on the street test of the new lighting. Our truck is safer and better lit now than when new. Projector LED lighting is superior in every way.

DRLs are optional on many AlphaRex® kits. (Check with AlphaRex® on whether your specific model year Ram truck can use the kit’s included DRL harness.) Installation without the DRL harness is simple plug-and-play. Changing to LUXX light assemblies is virtually the same as installing OEM headlights.

Instructions for installing the LUXX light assemblies and the DRL harness are available at the AlphaRex® website. There are also details on the entry level PRO-Series and the high end NOVA-Series headlights. Model coverage is from the Gen 3 to latest Ram trucks plus a wide range of other truck/SUV models. Visit the AlphaRex® website at:


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Charles Howard July 13, 2023 - 8:47 pm

Sadly Alpharex hopes to have these Headlight back in stock sometime in July… must be made in China? I ordered them from Thoroughbred Diesel as I’ve had good service from them. I’ve told them to wait another month before I give up on this upgrade…

Moses Ludel August 4, 2023 - 8:03 am

You should find the wait worthwhile, Charles…Unfortunately, delays on demand items are common these days. I was glad they had coverage for our Gen 3 2005 Ram. The upgrade of the light quality is dramatic.


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