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Superwinch Demonstrates New EXP Winch During 2017 Moab EJS

by Moses Ludel

During the 2017 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Week, Superwinch® demonstrated its new EXP series winches.  Delivering the message to hardcore four-wheelers and off-road enthusiasts, Scott Salmon, Nena Barlow and Jon Mason presented the most advanced winch design features in this category.  The all-new EXP winch brings ground breaking features to the off-road user market.  Available as both integrated and non-integrated systems, the EXP winch comes with built-in safety overrides, rugged components and several operating options.

Two years ago, Superwinch® changed ownership and pledged to build on the company’s legendary reputation.  The all-new EXP winch is a white sheet design that has taken 18 months to develop and launch.


Days before this demonstration, a dozen U.S. assembled winches arrived at Moab.  Several were installed on Barlow’s Jeep JK Wranglers and similar Bestop® Jeep 4x4s.  See the EXP installation coverage at https://www.4wdmechanix.com/2017-moab-ejs-superwinch-installs-the-new-exp-winches/.

The integrated winch version has a bridge built directly into the frame structure of the winch.  Intentionally, the clutch control is manual to prevent lockup of the winch in the event of an electrical supply loss.  Fuses for power outlets are readily available and do not require disassembly of the bridge to access—like the competitor winches do!  The EXP is the product of discussions with professionals, consumers and engineers.

Remote control goes to the next level with ready control options: a conventional type cable control, a wireless remote and an optional Bluetooth pairing device!  The screens are quickly readable during hardcore winching distractions, a safety asset for winch operators.  Remote controls offer a tactile vibration cue that signals performance and safety concerns.  Available power supply is clearly understood with a visible power lamp on the integrated bridge or the non-integrated control box.   


Here, Nena Barlow tests the new EXP winch’s performance.  Quickly learning the cordless remote control features, Nena comments on the highly visible information screen.  Easy to operate, the EXP features non-distracting LED lights for night use of the winch, including lamps over the thimble and rope or wire.  These many features earned immediate accolades from the guests.  Real world four-wheelers and utility users will value the rugged EXP design and ease of use.


Longer cables were a mandatory.  The battery cables are 8′ length for full-size truck bays with diesel engines, making the Jeep JK Wrangler an easy fit.  Larry at High Desert Auto Repair finds plenty of available cable during the initial winch installations.  At right, Nena Barlow feeds the lengthy 15′ remote cable controller to Scott Salmon.  Truck installers and serious ‘wheelers will appreciate these advantages.  Superwinch® did not spare cost in accommodating consumers and installers.

Jon Mason shares details about the military grade potting and significant rating for seals in these EXP winches.  There is quality evident in each component of the integrated and non-integrated EXP frame designs.  Non-integrated winches will fit common behind-the-bumper applications where a remote control box system is mandatory.


Superwinch® continues its long history of powerful winches with the 8-, 10- and 12-thousand pound rated winches.  For behemoth applications like the magazine’s Ram 3500 4×4, the Superwinch® Talon 18K pound capacity winch remains the choice.  The Talon and proven Tiger Shark lines will continue alongside these newest EXP winches.

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