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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Welding & Cutting Equipment

by Moses Ludel

HTP America—Sponsor of the Welding & Fabrication Workshop

Learn More About Welding & Cutting Equipment for Your Shop!

Do-it-yourself Jeep 4WD owners and 4×4 shop techicians value their tools. To install custom accessories or an aftermarket suspension kit often requires welding and cutting equipment. Welding is also the means for repairing, fabricating and modifying metal assemblies. Given the pounding a Jeep 4WD takes on rocky or rutted trails, having the right welding and cutting equipment is essential!

In this section of the magazine, you will find details on equipment and how to make welding and cutting product choices. Turn to the following pages for reviews and tips!

TIG cast iron repair of a vintage tractor axle.

I learned to weld and repair trucks and heavy equipment using oxygen-acetylene outfits and “stick” welders. Later, my professional tools included MIG and TIG welders. Eventually, I passed these skills along to young adults in the classroom, instructing metal fabrication, traditional “blacksmithing” techniques, modern welding practices, metal cutting, shaping and machine shop practices.

Among my welding assets is the ability to weld cast iron, restore hard cased gears and weld a wide range of alloy metals. My welding and automotive machine shop experience includes restoration of automotive gear housings and machined castings that often require pre-repair normalizing and post-repair heat treating or case hardening.

I have worked with a variety of welding equipment over the last forty-five years. I understand quality and can recommend good, reliable equipment. Given the cost of living, the current state of the economy and the overhead for small businesses, it is important that you spend your welding and cutting equipment budget wisely.

Over the years, I have learned that expensive is not always “better”. Yes, sometimes you do get what you pay for, but there is great equipment in the market that is affordable and will quickly pay for itself. In reviewing and sharing equipment ideas, I can help distinguish between what you need and what you want.

In this section of 4WD Mechanix Magazine, I share the tools available in the marketplace and discuss their assets. I will make suggestions and recommendations based upon my experience and familiarity with what you or your shop might need. I have been a Jeep 4WD enthusiast and mechanic since 1965, and I have operated shops for myself and others. If you have welding or cutting equipment questions, I am pleased to share. The goal, overall, is to make your shop as functional as mine—within your budget!

Restoration of a large iron casting with former brass repair.

Do you have specific welding and cutting equipment questions? Click here to access the website’s welding, metal fabricating and equipment ‘Q & A’ section. Submit your question—directly to Moses Ludel!

TIG weld of iron with peening after each pass.

Have questions about cast iron welding repairs? These techniques can save tremendous costs and restore obsolete parts.

Bead after bead, sixteen hours of welding to repair this rare casting.

Need equipment to properly weld and repair cast iron? Do you work with broken Jeep axle housings, gear cases or frames in need of repair or restoration? I will gladly answer your welding, metal fabrication and welding equipment questions. Learn welding skills through illustrated ‘how-to’ articles, step-by-step videos and slide presentations that can raise your skills at gas welding, brazing, stick welding, MIG and TIG welding processes!

An iron casting: plated, reinforced and welded to function better than new.

Finished to look and function as new, a rare axle housing now better than

The magazine website’s ‘Welding & Metal Fabrication Workshop’ reflects more than four decades of exposure to welding and brazing processes, metallurgy and metal fabricating.

HTP America, Inc., welding equipment.

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