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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Video Review: Sierra 4×4 Trailers

by Moses Ludel
Video Interview: Sierra 4×4 Trailers for Off-Road Use!

Sierra 4x4 Trailers

The Holy Grail of off-road trailers is the U.S. military surplus M416. Any hardcore Jeep ‘wheeler and camper who has spent more than a day on trail can appreciate the virtues of pulling a rugged trailer. I have suggested, on many occasions, that an M416 project could be as vital as trail prepping your Jeep 4WD vehicle.

Not surprisingly, one of the most popular products at the 2011 Reno Off-Road Expo was the Sierra 4×4 Trailer. Company owner Chris Dickerson and I engaged in an exciting discussion of his locally built (Gardnerville, Nevada) products. While we talked, my video cam ran steadily. For the sake of 4WD Mechanix Magazine readers, I caught the entire interview on video—including a walk-around of this stellar trailer and Chris’ insights into trailering and equipment.

Enjoy this in-depth interview and discussion of off-road trailer technology. You’ll quickly see why Expo spectators wore a path to the Sierra 4×4 Trailer display!

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