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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Moses Ludel Installs an Atlas Transfer Case for the XJ Cherokee

by Moses Ludel
Jeep Cherokee How-to: Installing Advance Adapters Atlas Transfer Case

Bench full of Atlas II transfer cases at the Advance Adapters machine shop.

    Low range is a crucial part of the Jeep four-wheel drive system. The ratio in low range determines the off-road tractability of your Jeep XJ Cherokee. Over the years, the common Jeep low range ratios have been in the 2.03:1 to 2.72:1 zone. (The NP/NV231 has a 2.72:1 low range ratio.) With the popularity of oversized tires and taller factory axle gearing to meet fuel efficiency and emission requirements, low range gearing has become a key focus for aftermarket upgrades on the XJ Cherokee.

     Ratios like 4:1 are now a norm and even the OEM ratio for Wrangler Rubicon transfer cases. Conversions to these ratios are available for CJ-era Dana 300 and the popular chain-drive NP/NV231 units common to the XJ Cherokee.

     For many, a gear ratio change is sufficient, but for those seeking a more rugged, higher stamina transfer case, the Advance Adapters Atlas II retrofit has become practical. If your Jeep XJ Cherokee requirements include a major increase in stamina, horsepower or torque, consider the Atlas II option from Advance Adapters.

     A variety of Atlas II ratios are available, the most popular for trail running would be the 4.3:1 or 5:1 low range options. (Direct remains 1:1 ratio.) Racers will like the high performance upgrade pieces now available for the Atlas II, good matches for the 500-plus horsepower of rock crawlers and desert race vehicles. Click here to see the Advance Adapters online catalog and Atlas II details! Note the split shifting options for 2WD/4WD.

     For Moses Ludel’s ‘how-to’ steps for installing an Atlas II transfer case behind the popular Jeep AX-15 Aisin manual five-speed transmission, click here!

     Note…For a ‘how-to’ on installing an Atlas II transfer case behind the popular Jeep AX-15 Aisin manual transmission, click here!

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