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4WD Mechanix Magazine Adds a Recording Booth

by Moses Ludel

HD video filming and post-production editing require consistent audio narrative.  The magazine’s content focuses on how-to technical training, and video filming includes events, how-to and motorsports.  Ambient noise is a challenge when filming and carries into post-production editing and voiceover.  Noise from the street and office setting can easily get picked up during voiceover or narrative recording.

When searching for a recording booth, Quality Recording Booths offered cost-effective solutions.  I wanted a mini-office for my post-production video editing desk and large (49″ diagonal) 4K Ultra HD monitor.  QRB owner Jake Davis expressed his willingness to build that kind of recording booth.

Jake provided access to his clients that do similar narrative/voiceover work.  One audio professional was willing to discuss his success with a QRB recording booth.  He even introduced me to the sound engineer on his projects.  The engineer noted a clear reduction in specific frequencies of ambient noise.  In his view, the results were comparable to higher-end studio environments.

I ordered a Quality Recording Booths custom booth, built around a 6′ x 6′ double insulation prototype.  Ambient noise was a prime concern, and QRB used Quiet Rock and heavier acoustic foam in the build. Practical lighting, the right electrical outlet for my computer and sound equipment, a sand-filled laminate raised floor on casters, sound-deadening windows, a solid door with locking knob and other details went into the project’s bid.  I picked the colors for the walls and the trim.

Quality Recording Booths is a smaller company, and these booths are each “custom built” to the customer’s standard.  I visited the shop before committing, and Jake was very clear about the time needed to build the booth.  I returned from Northern Nevada to pick up my completed booth.  The package was ready on schedule.

We loaded the floor assembly, wall panels and roof for my return trip.  Once home, I was able to assemble the booth without issues.  Realistically, with no prior experience, it took a full day to assemble the booth plus time to set up equipment. However, I’m certain the QRB team could put a booth together in hours.  Each unit is completely assembled and fitted at the shop prior to teardown for shipping.  For a fee, customers can have Quality Recording Booths deliver and set up the booth.

As for results, I am very pleased with my decision to have Quality Recording Booths build my custom booth.  The sound recording quality is the biggest plus to this booth/mini-office.  I am experiencing a completely new level of recording, and narrative takes far less time.  This is where the booth excels and will clearly pay for itself in magazine viewer enjoyment and how-to user satisfaction. Regarding ambient noise reduction, any unwanted noise has been either eliminated or dampened dramatically over a broad range of frequencies and decibel levels.  Extreme noises and recording challenges can be readily overcome with equipment adjustments or software.

A bonus is that folks outside the booth no longer have to adjust their lives to my recording schedule. Sounds from normal activities do not reach inside the booth.  Nor can others hear me recording a voiceover!

Quality Recording Booths worked hard to meet my needs and expectations.  Jake Davis has helped with sound equipment suggestions for my specific recording.  The Quality Recording Booths “mini-office” has raised the bar on voiceover and narrative audio recording, a great addition for an HD video magazine!

For details on Quality Recording Booths, visit:  www.qualityrecordingbooths.com


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