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Road Ready Episode 5: Choosing the Right Fuel Can Pay Off

by Moses Ludel

Everyone is shopping for better fuel prices. However, the cheapest fuel may be more costly in a variety of ways. In this episode, Moses Ludel shares his strategy for selecting the right fuel octane and fuel quality for any engine. Learn how higher octane fuel can sometimes improve performance and fuel mileage. These rules apply whether you drive a Corvette ZR1, a Jeep, a Land Rover, a Subaru or a Toyota 4Runner.

Cheap fuel does not have cleaning and anti-knock additives. Gasoline additives can protect engines from detonation (knock or ping). Fuel additives like Techron, Rislone, Lucas or SeaFoam help prevent harmful deposit buildup at the injectors, upper cylinders and spark plugs. Learn how better quality fuel and additives can be cheaper in the long run. Check out Season One, Episode 5 of “Road Ready!”. See the growing list of episodes at the Road Ready Playlist:


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