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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video Exclusive: Warn Zeon Winches

by Moses Ludel
HD Video: Warn Industries Launches the Advanced Design Zeon™ Winches!

     In the market for a new, dynamic winch? Warn Industries has launched its most advanced mid-frame winch series ever: Zeon…4WD Mechanix© Magazine attended the Oregon premier, and this exclusive HD video coverage shares the innovative features of the new Zeon winches.   (Open to HD 1080P full-screen view for maximum details!) 

Planetary upgrades make the Zeon transmission stronger
New planetary gearset compared to earlier design

  Field demonstrations illustrate that Zeon is a breaktrhough product line that takes winches to the next level…In a world market of “knock-off” winches and price point antics, Warn took the high road on Zeon and relied upon traditional strategies that make Warn the industry leader.

Style of Zeon winch is a major enhancement.
Warn offers a variety of new winch mounting platforms.

  Warn designs and builds the most advanced, innovative and highest quality winch products in the consumer, commercial and military use markets…Warn’s latest Zeon winch line is a platform that meets every demand and raises the bar on reliability and fast retrieval.

Warn Zeon is available in synthetic rope or traditional wire.
Unique new

  Retrieval speed, motor and chassis reliability, water resistance and the options of synthetic rope or wire make this innovative and attractive new winch a milestone in winch design and engineering.

Use of Zeon winch for trailer loading
Warn Zeon pulls 3000 pound 4x4 onto a trailer.

  Warn winches have versatile cradle options for use on trailers or other receiver applications. Here, a new Warn Zeon winch pulls a “trail rig” Suzuki 4×4 onto a car hauling trailer—just one more use for this multipurpose winch.

New Warn mounting hardware for the Zeon winches
Jeep JK Wrangler pulling itself with the new Zeon winch!

  Zeon is new from the ground up! Even the mounting hardware changes with this introduction. At right is a 6,000 pound Jeep JK Wrangler doing a self-recovery on a steep gradient. See the HD video coverage for close-up details on the new Zeon!

Remote contactor for using the Zeon as a low-profile winch
New sealed drum can accommodate synthetic rope when you order this option.

  Zeon winches have many options. For low-profile use, the winch has a remote contactor option. (See HD video above for details.) Synthetic rope has become a popular choice. Ultra4 racers and others have switched to rope for its rough-and-tumble field use and emergency splicing. The Zeon is available in wire and synthetic rope versions. Lighter spool-out effort makes the Zeon easier to handle with rope. Order the appropriate Zeon winch for your four-wheeling and winching chores!

See your Warn dealer for additional details on the Zeon winches…If you’re looking for the next level in advanced winch design, backed by Warn’s traditional quality standards, consider the new Zeon winches!

Warn is the winch industry leader—worldwide! Click here for direct access to the Warn website.

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