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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Advance Adapters Shares Latest Products at 2015 Moab EJS Trade Show

by Moses Ludel

2015 Moab EJS Trade Show: Advance Adapters Shares the Latest Products!

Advance Adapters cable linkages are of OEM quality or better. They are always an improvement!

The Moab Easter Jeep Safari week takes four-wheeling and dirt OHV recreation to the limit. At the week’s end, the Old Spanish Trails Arena becomes the site for a trade show that includes the 4×4 aftermarket industry’s key players. Advance Adapters’ booth is a popular draw during the trade show. At the 2015 show, 4WD Mechanix Magazine interviewed Steve Roberts. Steve shares the latest Advance Adapters products for Jeep and other 4×4 applications!

Steve Roberts greets Advance Adapters customers at 2015 Moab EJS!
Advance Adapters Rubicrawler for Jeep 42RLE Wrangler applications

Moab Easter Jeep Safari week ends with the trade show. Here, Advance Adapters’ Steve Roberts greets the attendees and loyal customers who have run Advance Adapters 4×4 products since the early 1970s!

Advance Adapters AX15 bellhousing for Jeep 4.2L and 4.0L Wranglers and XJ Cherokee
Advance Adapters direct source for Aisin AX15 transmissions

The precisely cast and machined new Advance Adapters 4.0L bellhousing at left mates the popular Aisin AX15 transmission to Jeep 4.2L and 4.0L inline six-cylinder engines (same pattern as AMC V-8s). This housing accommodates all Wrangler and XJ Cherokee six-cylinder models, including those ditching the Peugeot transmission (1987-89 applications).  Advance Adapters is also a direct dealer for the Aisin AX15.  The version offered works with the desirable external clutch slave cylinder mount and comes with a non-hydraulic clutch release bearing retainer.  Jeep owners often make this external slave cylinder and non-hydraulic release bearing conversion on earlier YJ and XJ models. 

New Advance Adapters 4.0L Jeep bellhousing also fits late TJ Wrangler
Advance Adapters sensor pickup for late Jeep TJ 40L bellhousing

A thoughtful feature on this new direct replacement bellhousing is provision for the sensor pickup on late TJ 4.0Ls with the six-speed transmission.  Some late TJ Jeep Wrangler owners prefer converting to the 5-speed AX15 rather than deal with rebuilding or attempting to replace the late 6-speed manual transmission.

Advance Adapters bellhousing accepts external clutch slave cylinder.
Advance Adapters upgrade transfer case cable shifter for NP231 Jeep transfer case

Advance Adapters’ bellhousing accepts the stock Jeep external slave cylinder.  An upgrade alternative to the stock plastic hydraulic hose is the Advance Adapters kit with braided steel hose and custom fitting ends for the slave cylinder and the master cylinder.

Advance Adapters complete AX15 gear train package
Advance Adapters SYE kit and output yoke removal tool

Tired of the stock Wrangler NP231 shift cable issues?  Advance Adapters offers a high-grade kit for improving the function and reliability of the transfer case shift cable system on a Jeep TJ Wrangler. At right is the Advance Adapters popular SYE kit installed.  The output flange removal tool works with all popular Dana/Spicer axle flanges.

Advance Adapters 4x4 aftermarket products

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