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Testing a Durston Magnetic Plug Weld Tool

by Moses Ludel

The Durston/VIM MPWT Magnetic Plug Weld Tool is a unique way to get quality results when plug welding. If you have sheet gauge metal projects that require seam welds or hole filling, check out the Durston MPWT and other products!

We needed to fill holes in a vintage brake backing plate and searched for the best plug welding tools online. (Durston was not contacted directly, nor did they provide the product. 4WD Mechanix Magazine bought the MPWT online at Amazon and proceeded with the test shown in this video.) See for yourself how well this cost-effective Durston/VIM MPWT backup tool serves when welding up holes!

Durston/VIM Tools also has rectangular, longer copper backer tools for joining sheet metal with welds. If need arises for welding panels together, we’ll consider using those tools!

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