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Road Ready Episode 8: Testing EFI Fuel Pressure and Volume at the Rail

by Moses Ludel

An EFI gasoline engine needs spark and fuel at the right pressure and volume. In Episode 8, we demonstrate the quickest way to test fuel pressure and volume at the fuel rail. Using the quality S.U.R.&R. FPT22 test kit with adapters, the gauge taps into the fuel rail test port. This kit tests fuel rail pressure and can also be used to sample the volume of fuel flow.

This demonstration involves the magazine’s Jeep 4.0L inline six. The test is similar for nearly any popular EFI engine with either throttle body or common rail fuel injection. You can quickly diagnose whether the gas tank’s pickup sock, fuel filter or filter regulator is clogged and whether the fuel pump is working properly in real time. This test is pinpoint troubleshooting for fuel restrictions, a weak or defective pump, a defective anti-drainback check valve or even leaky fuel injectors.

Before you travel or “overland” into the backwoods or remote desert, before you tow a trailer on a busy interstate, check your engine’s fuel pressure and flow volume. For tune-up and troubleshooting work, a fuel pressure and volume tester should be within the close reach of any technician or DIY mechanic. Be popular along the trail…Pack a test gauge kit for that Rubicon or Moab backcountry trip!

Join us at the Road Ready Channel and see the Playlist for all Episodes: https://youtube.com/c/roadreadywithmosesludel.

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