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Rebuilding the Jeep® or Dodge Dakota Aisin AX15 and Toyota 150, 151 and 154 Series Transmissions

by Moses Ludel

These Aisin AX15 and Toyota truck/SUV and Supra Turbo transmissions require careful disassembly and assembly sequences. This is a precision gearbox design. The Aisin AX15 manual 5-speed transmission is popular in 1989-99 Jeep® vehicles, Dodge Dakota pickups, some GM/Isuzu trucks and the Toyota light trucks as the R150, R150F, R151F plus the R154 Supra Turbo series transmission.

No steps left out, this how-to HD video is for the shop specializing in light truck and 4×4 work or the one-time ‘DIY’ project on a Jeep®, Dakota or Toyota light truck/SUV. This HD instructional how-to video can save you considerable time and money on a transmission rebuild.

You want to get the “busy” Aisin transmission design right—the first time! One viewer summed it up: “Without this video I never would have attempted this rebuild. It is very well done, I really appreciate having the resource!”—James B.

Verify the vehicle’s transmission type and have the right workshop manual handy. The prototype transmission shown in the video is the popular Aisin AX15 used in 1989-99 Jeep® 4x4s. This Aisin AX15 shares design and rebuilding features with the Toyota transmissions listed. When performing any gearbox or axle work, a factory or professional level shop manual for the specific transmission application is valuable and highly recommended. The “FSM” will provide model-specific details and specifications that you need.

In this video how-to, every teardown and assembly step is equally important. You will also learn which parts you need for the rebuild. Part 1 is teardown and inspection to establish your parts list. Part 2 is the assembly work performed to professional standards. Both Part 1 and Part 2 are included in this 94-minute instructional HD video. The video covers each step leading to a fully rebuilt transmission ready for installation—plus tips on upgrades.

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