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Moses Ludel Lecture and Slideshow: Cast Iron TIG Repair

by Moses Ludel
Moses Ludel’s Guest Lecture and Slideshow at the 2011 Spring Midwest Willys Reunion: TIG Repair of a Large Cast Iron Axle Housing!

TIG welding repair of a cracked gray iron housing.

     Damaged, rare axle castings can be repaired. In this presentation at the 2011 Spring Midwest Willys Reunion, Moses Ludel discusses the right filler rod and TIG welding technique for best outcomes when restoring a heavy iron casting. Weld Mold Company’s 700 and 750 filler rods were key to this large casting repair. As guest speaker before a live audience of Willys and Jeep owners, Moses discusses a critical restoration topic: cast iron repairs!

     TIG/GTAW is Moses Ludel’s welding process of choice for critical cast iron work. With TIG, there is even an opportunity to improve the casting or housing stamina at the weld section. In this SD video slideshow with Moses’ accompanying live narrative, learn best practices for a gray iron casting repair. If your vintage Jeep 4WD axle, iron engine block or head, transfer case, transmission housing or other large iron castings need restoration, this narrated slide presentation, filmed at Mason, Ohio, will prove helpful!

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