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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Meet Team Robby Bobby

by Moses Ludel
Team Robby Bobby Tackles the 2012 Everyman’s Challenge Race!


This is 4WD Mechanix Magazine‘s exclusive HD video interview with Team Robby Bobby. Hear the race story, walk around the Jeep CJ-7 race car, and join the entry-level fun of off-road, Ultra4-style racing! 

     February 5, 2012, Johnson Valley, CA—Team Robby Bobby made its debut at the inaugural 2012 Smittybilt Every Man’s Challenge Race. The crew hails from the Southeastern United States and has generated a wide following in online social media circles.

     In this exclusive HD video interview with 4WD Mechanix© Magazine, the Team Robby Bobby crew describes the racing, shares post-race impressions, provide insights into the Jeep CJ-7 race car and sends a message to all aspiring, grassroots racers—you can do it!

     Grab a bit of the Team Robby Bobby spirit and join the ranks of entry-level racers and off-road enthusiasts! These folks know how to have a good time—and their Southern ‘Low Country Boil’ cooking and hospitality are tops…

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