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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Jeep Trail Troubleshooting & Repairs

by Moses Ludel
Jeep Technical How-to: Troubleshooting & Trailside Repairs!

YJ Wrangler Alternator Ammeter for field troubleshooting

   The mark of a topnotch Jeep mechanic is his or her troubleshooting ability. After all, these vehicles are likely to be in a compromising environment when trouble occurs!

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  If this magazine has anything to do with it,you will be a topnotch Jeep mechanic and 4×4 field troubleshooter! Along that remote trail, with limited parts availability and your rolling tool chests miles away at the shop or home garage, you need to focus up and make wise assessments.

  You will find a wealth of troubleshooting techniques—often systematic testing steps that can be performed with minimal, onboard hand tools! Driving solo to the most primitive hunting environments and more than four decades of getting 4x4s home from remote deserts and rugged mountain trails have contributed to the Jeep troubleshooting skills found in this magazine.

  Those familiar with Moses Ludel’s Jeep® books, magazine and newspaper tech features and decades of ‘Q & A’ responses know how quickly he can solve a mechanical problem. This section provides a useful resource for field fixes.

  Note: Are you broken down on a primitive trail but still have cell phone reception? Use your iPhone or Droid to search this site for insights and mechanical solutions!

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