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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – How-to: Gas Welding Bead Formation

by Moses Ludel

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‘How-to’ Gas Welding: Practicing Proper Bead Formation!

This HD video demonstrates how to run welding beads using the oxygen-acetylene gas welding process. You can simulate these practice exercises at your garage or shop. Gas welding is a practical way to improve your welding skills and eventually move to TIG/GTAW welding!

(You can view this HD video in 1080P quality setting and full-screen mode if you have enough bandwidth!)
Making quality beads with oxy-acetylene welding

  Running a welding bead requires knowledge of quality weld formation plus heat, puddle and filler rod control. This requires hand-to-eye coordination and a practiced sense for how and when metal melts and flows if heated to the melting point.

Molten puddle control during the gas welding process

Gas welding is the best way to learn how a puddle follows heat or how to move and merge metal during the fusion process. In this era of the quick move to a MIG welding machine, many weldors have to learn puddle control before advancing to TIG welding.

  In the HD video demonstrations, watch the real time formation of gas welding beads. Video is a great teaching tool, illustrating processes that cannot be explained in a book or through photos!

There are six demonstration videos and practice exercises in this series. You will find a variety of gas welding and brazing articles and HD videos throughout the ‘How-to: Welding Class’ Series!

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