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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video: Quality Parts for the 4.6L Jeep Inline Six Stroker Motor

by Moses Ludel

HD Video: Quality Parts for 4.6L Jeep Inline Six Stroker Motor Buildup

This series includes six HD video interviews with Tony Hewes…In addition to the video on this page, you will find the other five HD videos at the ‘4WD Tech How-to Channel’ playlist!  Tony Hewes shares his 4.6L stroker motor engine parts preferences and choices for a long engine life.

Update on CompCams choices for 1999-up 4.0L inline sixes:  We have closely followed the camshaft and PCM compatibly concerns around 1999-up Jeep TJ and other 4.0L inline sixes.  CompCams now offers a specific camshaft grind for these 1999-up 4.0L engine applications:  https://www.compcams.com/xtreme-4×4-205-213-450-450-hydraulic-cam-for-jeep-amc-6-cyl-1999-2006.html

See the chart at the bottom of this page for one Jeep owner’s 4.6L stroker inline six parts list!

Melling high volume oil pump and new pickup screen help handle the oiling details.

     Quality parts are critical to engine performance and longevity. In this HD video interview with Tony Hewes, Moses Ludel and Tony discuss the peripheral parts that make up a quality engine build. With the added output of a 4.6L inline six stroker, the use of durable components will insure your investment!

Quality timing chain and new sprockets

     Although a 4.6L trail engine design is not a “racing” engine, backcountry durability depends upon valvetrain reliability and quality oiling. Hewes Performance Machine uses industry-recognized components to assure long bearing life and accurate valve opening events. In this HD video, Tony highlights several areas that deserve attention.

     Note: The crankshaft pulley on this application is a serpentine belt type. If your 4.2L crankshaft core has a longer snout than this damper requires, there is an aftermarket step-washer available. (See the HESCO catalog and elsewhere.) The washer serves as a bridge between the long and short snout designs, accommodating the V-belt or serpentine pulley designs. (There are longer and shorter pulley bolts available, too.) Also, for those using a Mopar EFI conversion on a carburetted 4.2L-era Jeep CJ or YJ Wrangler model, the Mopar EFI damper is available in both V-belt and serpentine belt designs.

4.2L crankshaft resting readily in the 4.0L block

     Quality gaskets, seals, pushrods, rocker arms and freeze plugs provide the assurance that your Jeep 4WD will be dependable. Today’s rough-and-tumble four-wheeling includes severe backcountry use with oversized tires and heavier vehicle weight. When seeking the torque and horsepower advantages of a 4.6L inline six buildup, use care during engine assembly—and quality parts!

Want quality automotive machine work or a precision engine build-up? See the Hewes Performance Machine website at:     http://www.hewesperformancemachine.com/          Note and Caution: Here are links to CompCams’ 252H grind, discussed in the videos…This camshaft has performed and tested well in pre-coil pack 4.0L stroker builds. We are currently considering whether this is the right camshaft for 1999-up TJ Wrangler and 2000-up XJ Cherokee builds with the late coil-pack ignition and cylinder head redesign. Stay tuned for our findings about camshaft grinds and tuning for the late engines:



  Below is a list of preferred parts compiled by Dan D., a Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee owner and 4WD Mechanix Magazine viewer.* (We had a lengthy dialogue at the magazine’s Grand Cherokee ‘Q&A’ section.) Dan did his homework, and if you tackle this project on your own, consider his list of components for a Jeep 4.6L inline six stroker build!   *This list is shared for the benefit of those gathering parts for a practical and durable multipurpose 4.6L Jeep inline six stroker build-up.


Cast #





‘96-‘99 HO

Did a lot of research and found this to be the best for the 1999 model.




4 counter weights, short nose for serpentine belt use

Looks like this one is the best pick

Connecting Rods



Length: 6.125″

4.0L rod. Seems to be the best pick for long rod


United Engine’s hypereutectic with coated skirts for stroker build, using 4.0L long rods and proper block deck height.

Moses recommends maximum re-bore on good cylinders at 0.030″. (Do not do 0.060″ or 4.7L to avoid thin walls and heat issues.)  Deck height must be right for use of 4.0L rods; United Engine has the pistons for 4.0L rods and a stroker 4.2L crankshaft.

Cylinder Head


’96-’99 HO

Seems to be a really good pick. Hopefully, the one that I already have is this case. Otherwise, I will have to go with casting #0331, which is not that bad.

*Footnote from Moses: #0331 head from 2000-up has smaller exhaust ports for emissions and does not flow as well as the #0630 casting.



Grind: 252H*

 Moses Ludel and Tony Hewes each recommend this for my multipurpose use.

*Footnote: See note (in text above) about camshaft choices for later coil-pack 4.0L engine builds. This camshaft has tested well in earlier, pre-coil pack engines. We are evaluating whether or not this is the right choice for coil-pack engines and late cylinder heads.—Moses


302 Ford V-8*

According to Moses, no harm in trying the Ford 302 V8 injectors as the PCM controls how much fuel goes into the cylinders, regardless. Stock injectors can be tried but might starve for fuel at certain speeds or experience lean ping.

     Note: These injectors will not fit coil-pack engines, which can use the 2000-2003 Ram 5.9L V-8 square plug injectors or GB812-12132 rebuilt type will work here.—Moses


Borla or Banks

Unable to find Borla header (or Banks). Only available up to ’96 model. Will call Borla and Banks to confirm fit.

Performance CAT

Determine based on Header

Random Technology performance CAT

Torque converter

 Rebuild using stock stall speed as per Moses’ recommendation.

Moses Ludel recommends PDQ Transmission Parts at Sacramento or Transtar (nationwide).

Cat Back system

Getting a Borla since my exhaust system is all rusty.


Model currently installed – Reach 41-2262.126

Moses recommends Griffin Radiator.

See whether Griffin has a radiator for the WJ Grand Cherokee 1999-2004.

Radiator Fan


Thinking whether to replace this right now? Will see how system works with the new engine profile.

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