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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Become a Better Jeep Mechanic

by Moses Ludel


Jeep 4WD How-to: Become a Better Mechanic!

  4.0L inline six with Mopar EFI is ready for an early YJ Wrangler swap.

Whether you work on your own Jeep 4×4, own a four-wheel drive specialty shop or plan to travel in rugged and isolated back country, you need mechanical savvy! The Jeep 4WD lifestyle includes roaming open country with a free spirit—the quality of that experience depends upon the reliability and safe function of your Jeep 4WD vehicle. 

Since backcountry upgrades largely center around traction, powertrain stability and stamina, mechanical work cannot be slipshod or anything less than professional caliber. Developing your troubleshooting skills is also essential. Modern, close-tolerance Jeep components must be thoroughly understood and serviced with insight.

Moses Ludel has taught adult vocational education automotive mechanics and welding. His books have set standards for shop practices, and he presents instructional material in an accessible, effective way. If you own a 4WD shop, assure your customers’ satisfaction by following the ‘how-to’ and product suggestions offered throughout this 4WD Mechanix Magazine website.

Note: Selecting and matching components is vital. Safe, reliable installation procedures reduce liability and increase customer satisfaction. Build your repeat business and referrals. Use proven, professional service methods!
Setting up a ring-and-pinion the right way!
Dana 30 rebuild with the use of an axle housing spreader.

For owners who perform their 4WD Jeep work, there are a variety of concerns:  

1) Are you buying the right 4WD equipment?  2) Is the equipment compatible with the Jeep chassis?   3) Can you tune, rebuild, restore and replace precision parts properly?  4) Do you need professional insight for a quality outcome on your project?  5) Is it more practical or cost-effective to sublet a particular task or machine work to another shop?  6) What tools do you need? Which ones can be improvised?  

     Throughout the 4WD Mechanix© Magazine website, you will find professional insights that improve your Jeep 4WD skills. 

Rebuilding the AX-15 transmission requires skill and correct tooling.

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