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Bill Burke of 4-Wheeling America Demonstrates Proper Winch Use

by Moses Ludel

Bill Burke earned his chance to compete at the legendary Camel Trophy and went on to create 4-Wheeling America. A world renown 4-wheel-drive instructor, guide and vehicle recovery expert, Bill trains corporate, military and recreational users at off-road driving, safety and vehicle recovery.

In this demonstration of winching, Bill Burke begins with the judgment call that driving a stuck 4×4 through an environmentally sensitive area is not practical. Use of the winch and a Pull-Pal anchor dramatically reduces environmental impact and assures prompt and safe self-recovery of the vehicle.

Bill Burke and Moses Ludel are strong advocates of “low environmental impact” four-wheeling…In the 1990s, the two co-instructed the national Tread Lightly 4WD Clinics sponsored by Chevrolet. Bill Burke remains committed to Tread Lightly principles in his professional guiding and renown instructional workshops. For more information on Bill Burke’s 4-Wheeling America visit the official 4-Wheeling America website!

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