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Video How-to: TJ Wrangler Wheel Alignment Basics

by Moses Ludel

How-to Video: Perform your own Jeep TJ Wrangler Front Wheel Alignment!

A pair of SPC Fastrax alignment systems serve as optimal, affordable wheel alignment tools for the small shop, off-road race crew or even the home Jeep garage. Accurate when used properly, these gauges with a set of turn plates can produce quality results! One inexpensive turn plate option is from Gil Smith Racing Fabrication. Gil Smith builds low profile, lightweight (portable) turn plates for use on a level garage floor.

  Fastrax wheel alignment gauges by Specialty Products Company

     In this HD video, two Fastrax alignment gauge systems and a pair of Gil Smith turn plates serve the basic alignment needs of a Jeep 4WD TJ Wrangler. Whether you have a Wrangler or a similar Jeep 4×4 with a beam front axle, alignment principles are much the same.

Vial block on the Fastrax provides accurate caster and camber measurements. Bubble gauges pre-date the first Jeep and have served well.

If you do your own repair work or have a smaller shop that services Jeep 4WD and other light truck 4x4s with beam axles, the Fastrax system meets a variety of service needs. Consider wheel alignment a routine maintenance requirement for the trail-running 4×4 with oversized tires!

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