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Shurhold® Dual-Action Polisher and Detailing Products

by Moses Ludel
We have repeated brought back the XJ Cherokee 4×4’s appearance with quality paint care and polishing products. The Shurhold system has paid for itself many times over by keeping the Jeep’s finish intact and postponing a repaint. See how these products work in this step-by-step video.
The Shurhold® system is a proven package for detailers. The company is well known for marine/boat and automotive detailing equipment and chemicals. Simplicity and useful guidelines make Shurhold® products work well for professionals and DIY users.

How-to: Restoring Our Jeep® Cherokee’s Paint Finish…

The Shurhold DA Polisher Pro and detailing products helped save our 1999 XJ Cherokee from an immediate re-paint. This cleaning, compounding and polishing system provides an affordable way to get professional level results.

Decals look great—for a while. These decals were on the Cherokee for fourteen years. The decals have worn out and the adhesive etched into the clear coat of the paint finish. Think long and hard before putting decals on your 4x4. Like a tattoo, consider what it takes to remove these images. They don’t wash off.

When we took a close look at the Cherokee, the paint was in poor condition. Years in the Nevada high desert country with four distinct seasons took its toll. Thrown into the mix, Nevada now douses winter highways and interstates with salt brine. A century of rust-free automobiles and trucks is now facing this Rust Belt challenge.

Cracking from UV damage, the decals are done. The clear coat, fortunately, held up better than these decals and can be restored.

Shurhold® offers a full line of detailing tools and products to make chores easier. The centerpiece of detailing is the Dual-Action Polisher Pro. The 3500-series tool is user friendly and produces fast, professional grade results. Glowing reviews at YouTube pointed us to this affordable, pro-level detailing equipment. We had a real challenge for the polisher and Shurhold® system!

For any sanding or finishing work, this 3M X-TREME paper is exceptional. “Super Flexible” means just that, you can wrap this paper around contours without stressing paint in the process. There is ease of control and far less risk of cutting through the clear coat or, worse yet, eating through the color coat! Choose the lightest grit paper that will get the job done.
This is a sorely abused hood. Note the touch-up paint repair at the lower right section of this image. The post-compounding and polishing results will be dramatic.
The Blue pad and Shurhold® 3500 Dual-Action Polisher Pro makes quick work of restoring the finish after use of touch-up paint and sanding.
Hard to find any trace of a former brush scratch. Jeep and other off-road vehicle owners will appreciate the quick, precise and safe polishing/compounding system by Shurhold®.

The job begins with flushing crude debris from the surface with our pressure washer, followed by hand washing. In our job, there is also the brush scratch repair work and touch-up chores—before a final hand wash. Touch-up areas get sanded with 3M wet paper to remove just the crowns of touch-up. Shy of flush with the surrounding clear coating, the sanding stops. The Dual-Action Polisher Pro and Buff Magic Compound by Shurhold® complete the work before polishing. This is a fast, efficient scratch repair approach.

Keeping the wand a safe distance from the paint surface, we do a pressure wash with our 3000 PSI machine. Then comes the touch-up work on the paint, preparing for a hand wash with the Shurhold® Bucket Seat. The bucket is specifically designed for detailing a quality or even luxury paint finish on boats and cars. At the bottom of the bucket is a grate that separates any abrasives from the upper wash solution…ingenious!
The bucket Caddy fits above the floor grate. A tote for supplies and sponges, the caddy drains water and solution safely back into the bucket.
The centerpiece of this detail work is the Shurhold® Dual-Action Polisher Pro. An adjustable speed polisher with a unique 21mm random orbit, this is the most “forgiving” polisher we have used. With the correct settings and some practice, you get professional results without dread of curved surfaces or risk of burning through clear coat or the underlying color.
Yes, this is the same hood! Shurhold® Buff Magic Compound and follow-up with Shurhold® polish left this lustrous finish. All traces of the touch-up repair are gone!
Shurhold® is your best bet for restorative and professional-level detailing and maintenance. See the video for details and a close-up look at the process. Yes, the Jeep will need a re-paint soon. However, Shurhold® has bought us time and provides UV protection. If you follow a routine of detailing and polishing, you can extend the life of your 4×4’s paint and clear coat by many years.

Shurhold® offers a full line of detailing supplies and niche products. The Shurhold® polishers and niche chemical products are among the best in the industry. Shurhold® detailing equipment performs as well or better than far more expensive tools.

For years, we have been using this Shurhold® cleaning method to keep our 49-inch HD video editing monitor screen clean!

If you’re in the market for professional grade detailing products, visit the official Shurhold® website and store at:


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