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Road Ready Episode 13: All Electric Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup

by Moses Ludel
New truck buyers need to take a hard look at the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup. This is a bold step forward in zero-emissions, fossil fuel-free vehicles, starring one of America’s most popular models.

Recent episodes of Road Ready have discussed ways to cope with the high cost of fossil fuel and living with our gas and diesel powered vehicles. For those in the market for a new 4×4 light truck, the latest Ford EVs offer an alternative solution: moving away from fossil fuels altogether. Anyone shopping for a new, full-size 4WD light truck or SUV will want to consider Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup.

The manufacturing technology in the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center is just as innovative as the F-150 Lightning. It is the first Ford plant without traditional in-floor conveyor lines and instead uses robotic Autonomous Guided Vehicles to move F-150 Lightning trucks from workstation to station in the plant. Due to high demand, the current model year is no longer available for retail order. Contact your dealer for more information. (Photo and caption statement courtesy of Ford Motor Company Media Center)

In Episode 13, we leave the world of internal combustion engine powertrains and explore where Ford Motor Company is spending tens of billions of dollars on EV technology. (Ford has earmarked $50B for EV development and production by 2026.) Taking automobility to the next level, the Lightning is a ground-up, four wheel drive, fully electric vehicle platform. 580 horsepower and 775 lb-ft torque, supplied by two robust electric motors, feed a 10-kilowatt battery capable of providing enough power to keep a house functioning in an emergency power outing.

For two-track and loose traction, all-season driving, the Lightning rivals any other four-wheel drive light truck in the market. Chassis height and lack of crawl gearing will keep the Lightning 4×4 away from rock crawling at this point. For every other kind of four-wheel drive chore, the Lightning is plenty ready. An E-locker at the rear drive system further enhances traction. (Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company Media Center)

Join Moses as he walks through the F-150 Lightning and world of EV charging demands, some of the Lightning’s advanced electronic features and how owners will be powering up job sites, campsites and work trailers. The electronic communication and connectivity features provide convenience or even an office on wheels. The full-size F-150 Lightning pickup, with its 2,235 pound payload and maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, brings us the next generation in zero-emissions transportation, recreational access and work trucks.

So how much energy is there in a 10-kilowatt Ford F-150 Lightning battery? Enough to provide 80-amps of power for an emergency power outage at a home. With a transfer switch installed and Ford’s 80-amp Charge Station Pro plus “Intelligent Backup Power”, this system can get owners through several days of no grid power if the power usage is selective and minimized. See the specifications at the Ford website for details. (Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company Media Center)

For further information and details on the Ford F-150 Lightning’s array of features and specifications visit:


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