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Nena Barlow Demonstrates the Bug Out Rack

by Moses Ludel

During the 2017 Moab Easter Jeep Safari week, Nena Barlow of Barlow Adventures shares details about the Original Bug Out Rack. The rack attaches to a remotely mounted spare tire and offers extra storage space for back country 4×4 travel.

Barlow Adventures at Moab and Sedona has a rental fleet of 30 Jeep 4x4s.  Nena Barlow is an expert guide and I4WDTA 4×4 trainer who understands back country equipment needs.  She discusses the value of add-on storage and how the Original Bug Out Rack meets trail needs.

The Bug Out Rack mounts with two heavy duty ratchet tie straps, one around the circumference of the tire’s tread, the other through a wheel slot.  In this mounting system, straps secured on center and stably can exert considerable holding force.  The system offers quick installation and can be positioned horizontally or vertically (as shown here) around the tire.  This device is designed and intended for toting gear into back country over rough roads and trails.

Nena notes that the Bug Out Rack can reduce the need for expensive, permanently mounted racks and fixtures.  Used off-highway as intended, the Bug Out Rack offers a wide array of slots for S-hooks, fasteners and heavy duty tie straps.  Nena Barlow has discovered a variety of trail uses for the Bug Out Rack!

For more details, visit the Bug Out Rack website:  http://www.bugoutrack.com

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