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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Slide Preview: Moses & Cody Off-Road Survival Workshop

by Moses Ludel

Slide Preview: Moses Ludel and Cody Lundin 4WD Survival Workshops!

It’s amazing how much backcountry you can cover in a Jeep 4WD. Just a few hours of low-range four-wheeling can put you miles from civilization. If a mechanical problem develops or a mishap occurs, are you prepared for survival?

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From my viewpoint, four-wheeling safety means thorough vehicle preparation and sound driving skills. With preventive care and quality maintenance, many mechanical troubles are avoidable. Adequate safety equipment—like a winch, a PullPal anchor, hand tools, an on-board welder, strategic spare parts and useful recovery items—is critical for challenging situations. Ingenuity and mechanical savvy also help. In my Jeep 4WD books and at this website, I continually address mechanical skills and ways to prepare your Jeep 4×4 for rough country survival.

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When driving skill, recovery equipment and vehicle preparation are not enough, you could be in serious trouble. Broken down beyond repair in scorching desert, snowy high country or rugged, remote terrain, you need to survive. That’s when Cody’s aboriginal survival skills come into play!

Cody and I combine seven decades of four-wheeling, mechanical savvy and outdoor survival experience, presenting an all-encompassing approach to survival.

My targets include an in-depth understanding of Jeep 4WD design, vehicle conditioning, off-road equipment choices, emergency trail repairs and “get home” fixes, plus safe, precise off-pavement driving techniques. I’ll evaluate your Jeep 4×4 and suggest equipment needs, upgrades and improvements. When we hit the trail, you’ll learn to four-wheel drive sensibly, with both safety and vehicle preservation in mind. I have guided neophytes and coached the experts. Everyone learns. My sweeping approach, enhanced by Cody’s aboriginal skills, can make you a better four-wheeler, backcountry survivalist, off-road mechanic—or a 4×4 specialist in your own right!

In the event of a vehicle failure or a mishap that leaves four-wheelers afoot in rugged, primitive country, you want Cody’s insights and instincts! Just like his co-starring role in the Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival” series, Cody shares both modern and aboriginal skills that can keep you alive and get you out of a critical situation. Cody addresses both the physically and psychologically challenging elements of being stranded in rugged terrain. He teaches energy conservation and when you should apply yourself. With Cody’s program, you’ll survive an ordeal and work your way home!

The result is an all-encompassing workshop that can give Jeep and other 4WD owners and professionals the ultimate skills needed to survive off-road! If you or your organization—whether corporate staff, a public agency, recreational users or hobbyists—can benefit from this level of training, contact:

Moses Ludel qanda@4WDmechanix.com or

Cody Lundin abodude@codylundin.com

Cody and I can tailor courses to include four-wheel driving techniques, safe vehicle recovery methods, emergency trail repairs and how to stay alive in a hostile or sparse environment! Group training packages can defray cost…

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—Moses Ludel

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