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by Moses Ludel
Make 4WD Mechanix© Magazine and HD Video Network programming a ‘Favorite’…Enjoy multi-channel viewing and full screen, 1080P High Definition Video coverage here at the magazine website!

MSD Atomic EFI—for engines from 100-625 horsepower!

Magazine Exclusive—We’re First to Install the ‘MSD Atomic EFI’ on a Jeep 4.2L Inline Six Rock Crawlin’ Trail Runner!

Dozer Yellow is the color of the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4x4 test vehicle!

The magazine tests the new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4×4—and picks it as ‘2012 4WD Sport Utility Vehicle of the Year’…See the detailed HD video review and driving impressions!
2012 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon test vehicle makes the magazine's pick of the year!
Camper and staff member taking the 4WD route home from Camp Wamp!
2012 ‘Camp Wamp’ CCYC Camp Nejedly for Youth with Disabilities—4WD access only! See the six HD videos available at the magazine, including the 4WD transportation.

Setting up arc welder for welding! 

‘How-to Welding Class’: Setting up the stick arc welder. Your A.C. and D.C. stick arc welding (SMAW) begins here!

Mina OHV Trails by author Tom Willis

‘OHV’ author Tom Willis now contributes a travel column to 4WD Mechanix Magazine. Tom shares off-road travel insights and his exciting backcountry discoveries!

4.2L crankshaft, 4.2L rods and cast coated 4.0L pistons

Induction system included with the Mopar Performance 4.2/258 inline six MPI/EFI conversion kit

Gas welding final practice exercises

Take advantage of the gas welding final practice exercises in HD video! This wraps up oxy-acetylene basics as the ‘How-to: Welding Class’ moves to stick (SMAW) welding!

Stick welding electrode holder from HTP America

HD video series on stick arc welding (SMAW) is now underway! Improve your arc welding skills, gain insights and learn ‘hands-on’ through detailed practice exercises.

Chrysler DRB III scan tool used for in-depth DTC diagnostics and speedometer calibration

Testing and calibrating Jeep or Dodge Ram truck electronic speedometers—using the Chrysler DRB III Scanner and DTC diagnostic and repair tool!

Moses Ludel discusses Jeep XJ Cherokee cooling and the latest Griffin Radiator solution!  

Cooling a Jeep engine can be an issue. 4WD Mechanix© Magazine now devotes an entire section to Jeep 4×4 engine cooling needs! Here is the latest Griffin radiator design for the XJ Cherokee!

Oxygen-acetylene how-to at 4WD Mechanix Magazine

Join the “How-to: Welding Class” at 4WD Mechanix© Magazine. Sessions underway, beginning with safety geargas welding and gas cutting HD video coverage!

Gas brazing with oxygen-acetylene torch  

Many confuse brazing with soldering, and there are some similarities…Within the ‘Welding Class’ sessions, here is close up HD video coverage of the oxy-acetylene brazing process! 


‘How-to’ shop project for Dodge and Ram trucks! Setting up new ring-and-pinion gears in the AAM 11.5″ full-floating axle.

Lonely finish line near Fernley, Nevada, a checkered flag waiting for the next desert racer

By nightfall, the terrain changes hue. Tired eyes peer through silt dust and a gathering darkness for the elusive finish line near Fernley, Nevada…Welcome to the 2012 VORRA USA 500 Race!

Reno, Nevada based CJ-8 Scrambler built for the hardest 4x4 trails. Click on this image for direct access to the HD video coverage of this Jeep.

Hewes Performance Machine’s Stroker 4.6L Jeep Inline Six Engine is now doing duty in a hard trail CJ-8 Scrambler!

GDiesel transport truck at the Nevada refining facility, click here to see the HD video!

We’re now testing GDiesel produced by Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC. For exclusive HD video coverage of this breakthrough fuel, click here!

Bestop Jeep JK Wrangler on trail run at Moab 

HD Video Coverage from the 2012 Moab Jeep Safari! See the 15 HD videos plus articles and photos from a week of 4WD activity and runs at Moab, Utah!

Action at Area BFE at 2012 Moab Jeep Safari

Action from tough trails like the notorious ‘Area BFE’ Rocks!

Mopar Concept Vehicles at 2012 Moab Jeep Safari

See Mopar concept vehicles and key presentations…plus the Mopar Media Trail Run video with these 4WDs!

Mopar 5.7L Hemi V-8 for Jeep JK Wrangler

Learn more about Jeep upgrades and trail technology—like the Mopar Hemi V-8 Conversion Kit for the Jeep JK Wrangler!

1918 Nash-Quad 4WD truck at Moab, Utah 

1918 Nash-Quad 4WD truck—a branch in the Jeep family tree? Learn more about this antique Moab four-wheel drive!

2012 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo

The 2012 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo was a gala event at the Convention Center. Enjoy HD video coverage and add this event to your 2013 calendar!

Brad Falin Runs a Duramax Diesel at the 2012 King of the Hammers Race.

Ultra4 racing is the fastest growing motorsport. See HD video coverage of Hammertown, meet key drivers like Shannon Campbell, Brad Falin and the Team Robby Bobby! See the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers Race—the pinnacle of the sport!

Advance Adapters and other aftermarket manufacturers are SEMA members. 4WD Mechanix Magazine supports SEMA and its members.

See the 2011 SEMA Show from all angles—in 1080P HD video!  Click here for coverage of the aftermarket’s biggest gathering!

Shannon Campbell's Ultra4 race car from the driver's seat!

Moses Ludel interviews Shannon Campbell! Live discussion from Reno, Nevada, before the 2011 Stampede HD Video: Shannon Campbell Interview Race. Click here for the 3-part HD video series!

Shannon Campbell staged at the number one starting position for the 2011 Stampede Ultra4 Race near Reno, Nevada.

Exclusive coverage of Ultra4 racing from the ground level! A close look at the sport—and sportsmanship—the 2011 Stampede Ultra4 Race. Watch the HD video series…Click here!

Vets and 4WD volunteer drivers make the WFTW Rubicon Super Event a success!

The ‘2011 Wheelers for the Wounded Rubicon Super Event’ was—SUPER! Click here for HD video coverage of the entire event…

2011 Off-Road Expo at Pomona, California

The 2011 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo at the Pomona Fairplex was a huge success. See HD video highlights from the event—click here!

Rob MacCachren signing posters at the BFG booth

HD Video: For a two-part presentation by ‘Off-Road Hall of Fame’ inductee and Baja champion Rob MacCachren, click here!

New 2012 JK Wrangler press photo from the Rubicon Trail

Jeep® launches the new 2012 JK Wrangler at Portland, Oregon and the Tillamook National Forest. See the full section devoted to this exciting model change, including live HD video presentations and action. Click here!

Grueling 500-plus miles of scorching desert to a win—worth a smile and a beer!

2011 VORRA MasterPull USA 500 Desert Race at Northern Nevada—Click here for results, action videos and photos!

B.F. Goodrich 'Pro Pit' based at Yerington, Nevada

B.F. Goodrich ‘Pro Pit’ from Yerington, Nevada, handles the tire and pit action for B.F. Goodrich users. Learn what it takes to equip a crew for remote pitting. Click here!

Brad Falin donates a ride in his potent race car!

Youth wins an E-ticket ride in Brad Falin’s desert race car! See the video coverage of ten minutes that will change Austin’s motorsports interests forever—Click here!

2011 Midwest Willys Reunion features a swap meet and show-and-shine!

2011 Midwest Willys Reunion at Mason, Ohio, May 20-22, 2011. Moses Ludel was the guest speaker—he also produced eight videos from this event! To view the video list—Click here! 

Brad Falin's #457 Ultra 4 race car on the rocks!

Exclusive video interviews with Bradley Falin and Robert Daly! Want behind the scenes insight into desert racing and rock crawling competition? Click here! 

A trail guide's Jeep 4WD YJ Wrangler at Moab!

Video Feature Vehicles: Two brothers and a pair of modified, trail running Jeep 4WD YJ Wranglers built for Moab’s toughest trails…Click here to access the two videos! 

Mopar Concept Jeep 4WD on dunes at Moab, Utah.

Video coverage of the Mopar presentation at the 2011 Moab Jeep Safari. Mopar and Jeep top staff share products and concept vehicles with the 4WD media. Click here! 

New Bestop products and media run at Moab 2011 Jeep Safari!

27-minute video of the latest Bestop products and an action-packed run through Fins & Things. Click here! 

Jeep TJ Wrangler on the rocks at the Warn 2011 Moab Media Run. 

30-minutes of action-packed video at the 2011 Jeep Safari. Join the Warn media run on rugged Moab 4×4 terrain! See the latest equipment and driving techniques that meet the trail demands at Moab…Click here! 

Mike Partridge of Advance Adapters interviewed at 2011 Moab Jeep Safari!

Four-part, exclusive Advance Adapters product and design interview in SD video with Mike Partridge…Click here! 

Reno-Sparks Convention Center 2011 Reno Off-Road Motorsports Expo!

Exclusive Video Coverage: Join us at the 2011 Reno Off-Road Motorsports Expo, click here! 

Tommi Ahvala

Action Video: World Champion Trials Motorcyclist Tommi Ahvala, performing live at the 2011 Reno Off-Road Motorsports Expo! Click here for the exciting exhibition! 

Video Product Review of Sierra 4x4 Trailers!

Moses Ludel’s Video Interview with Chris Dickerson of Sierra 4×4 Trailers, click here! 

Mopar/Jeep Accessories brochures available for the JK Wrangler and other Jeep models!

For a copy of the latest release of the Mopar™/Jeep® Accessories brochure for your Jeep model, click here!

Moses Ludel's '99 XJ Cherokee on Camp Wamp duty!

Full-Color Video: 2010 Camp Wamp Jeep 4WD Transportation Volunteers!  

Horsepower no obstacle on this trail running CJ-7 chase vehicle!

3-Part Video Series: 2010 Stampede Ultra4 Race and Rock Crawling Competition!  

Wheelers for the Wounded on the Rubicon Trail!

3-Part Video Series: 2010 Wheelers for the Wounded Rubicon Super 4WD Event! 

Wild Horses near High Rock Canyon, Nevada!

Full-Color Video: October 2010 High Rock Canyon Jeep 4WD Travel—Fall Colors, Wild Horses and Weather!  

Moses-Cody workshop

Slide Preview of a Moses Ludel/Cody Lundin 4WD Survival Workshop: Moses Ludel and Cody Lundin team up and conduct a 4×4 backcountry survival workshop. Moses instructs technology and driving technique. Cody shares his skills seen on the Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival” series!    

Jeep 4WD and Dodge Ram truck winter survival tips!

Winterizing your Jeep® 4WD or Dodge Ram truck is crucial for reliable performance. Extend the life expectancy of your vehicle…Click here!

FASS lift pump upgrade 'how-to' installation in HD video!

This HD video covers the Dynamic Diesel, Inc., installation of an upgrade fuel lift pump for Dodge Ram Cummins trucks…Click here!

Mopar oil filter and oil change

Winterizing your Jeep 4WD?…The oil and filter change get covered in this how-to article…Click here!

New metallic core Random Technology catalytic converter

How-to: Installing a Random Technology High Performance Catalytic Converter! Click here for the details.

Installing the Bestop TrekStep in the Dodge Ram 3500!

The Dodge Ram 3500 got the “lift”—and the bed went out of reach! See the Bestop® TrekStep™ solution in this HD video how-to installation coverage!

Richard Winchester, BFG Field Marketing Manager

Making tire choices? Hear what Richard Winchester, Field Marketing Manager for B.F. Goodrich, has to share…Click here!

2005 Dodge Ram 3500 at the B.F. Goodrich display, Off-Road Expo

See the magazine’s 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup undergo a makeover. The truck was a feature at the B.F. Goodrich display, 2011 Off-Road Expo, Pomona. Click here!

Performing routine service on Dodge Ram trucks!

For Dodge Ram Truck and Cummins turbo diesel service ‘how-to’ procedures, visit the magazine’s “Dodge Ram Truck Maintenance & Repair Shop”…Click here!

Fastrax alignment gauges by Specialty Products Company

Wheel alignment of a TJ Wrangler using affordable, accurate Fastrax gauges and Gil Smith turn plates! To view a high resolution HD video of Moses Ludel discussing alignment basics, click here!

Transfer Flow, Inc., offer courses in alternative fuel technology.

Ready to study alternative fuel technology? Transfer Flow, Inc., offers courses covering propane and other motor fuel options. Click here to find out more about the Transfer Flow, Inc., operation at Chico, California!

Griffin radiator with twin electric fans and shroud for J10 AMC/Jeep truck

AMC era full-size Jeep (FSJ) models often need cooling system improvements. In these two HD videos, see Griffin’s latest radiator offering for these models. Click here to access the article and videos!

DRB-III Scan Tool

See the magazine section devoted to Jeep MCU, TBI and MPI/EFI troubleshooting, diagnostics and field repairs. Click here!

Always use a genuine Mopar OEM replacement sensor!

When replacing an oxygen sensor, use a genuine Mopar replacement part. In this article, learn why you should avoid the “Brand-X” oxygen sensors. Click here!

Mike Picard's 'Electro-Willys' EV conversion

Mike Picard enjoys restoring vintage Jeep models—he also has a penchant for electric vehicle conversions…To learn more about Mike’s electric-powered Willys and EV conversions, click here!

‘STS’ offers a remote mount turbocharger package for the 3.8L V-6 JK Wrangler. This technical article provides details and photos—click here!

Warn introduces VR-series winches at Moab 2011!

Warn introduces the newest VR-series winches at Moab 2011! See Moses Ludel’s Review and ‘How-to’ Video Installation! 

Trailer your Jeep with Dodge Ram

New Section Covers Trailering Your Jeep 4WD: Dodge Ram 3500 Quad-Cab 4WD with Cummins Diesel Power!  

Pivot King square tubing axle for tire carriers

Video Slideshow on Installing the Pivot King square tube axle for tire carriers: Time to fire up the MIG welding machine!  

FTS 4-inch Ultimate lift kit for Jeep TJ Wrangler!

Color, In-Depth Technical ‘How-To’ Article: Moses Ludel installs the FTS ‘Ultimate’ Jeep TJ Wrangler Lift Kit! 

Moses Ludel installs an FTS 6-inch long arm suspension lift for the XJ Cherokee!

Color, In-Depth Technical ‘How-To’ Article: Moses Ludel installs the XJ Cherokee six-inch ‘long-arm’ FTS lift kit! 

Inline six stroker long-block angling into a Jeep Wrangler chassis.

Moses Ludel discusses the Jeep 4.0L buildup to a 4.5L, 4.6L or 4.7L inline six “stroker” motor. Click Jeep models below for details:

1) 1972-86 Jeep CJ and 1965-up J-truck and FSJ models

2) 1987-2006 Jeep YJ and TJ Wrangler 4.2L and 4.0L models

3) 1987-2001 XJ Cherokee 4.0L models and the 1992-1998 Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee 4.0L models 

Moses Ludel does the Aisin/Jeep AX-15 transmission rebuild in detail!

Color, In-Depth Technical ‘How-To’ Article: Moses Ludel’s ‘step-by-step’ rebuild of the Jeep/Aisin AX-15 transmission!  

Installing the Advance Adapters Atlas II transfer case!

Color-Illustrated Technical ‘How-To’ Article: Moses Ludel installs Advance Adapters’ Atlas II Transfer Case! 

Rubicrawler crawl box for the Jeep JK Wrangler!

Video slide presentation: Advance Adapters RubiCrawler installation highlights for the Jeep JK Wrangler!

Rubicrawler crawl box installation on the Jeep TJ Wrangler!

Video slide presentation: Advance Adapters RubiCrawler installation highlights for the Jeep TJ Wrangler!

For more how-to tech articles and step-by-step instructional videos, see the ‘Workshop’ sections at this website!

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